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  1. It's a great prelude to the LAP album. A good transition piece. In fact, all her songs from that soundtrack. But that song specifically, one of her all time best. Her best work with Pat.
  2. I wasn't very fond of the non-live sound of CT, but grew to like it over the years. As someone else said, when it comes to live music, it's all about the drums. If the drums don't sound live or if I can't "feel" them, then why bother? That's why I was happy with the band on the last 2 tours.
  3. Were they supposed to work together for BS? I'm confused... Anyway, he's stuff was the best of Erotica, he brought out a different side of M we had never saw. It's a shame cause Shep had the majority of the spotlight for that album and era. We never really heard much about the recording process with Andre and M, or I just haven't came across any articles from that time yet...
  4. But then over the years, you'd be listening to the final album versions. Whatever those album versions sounded like, would be hard to recall when you can't get the album mix out of your head. Would like to know what that unreleased song was..., was it Just a Dream?
  5. ryan


    It never should have been changed from "love" to "luvin" Didn't the title get changed multiple times in the press releases?
  6. I still want her to work with Orbit again. I'd even welcome Benny Benasi too.
  7. I have always loved this song, especially the ending. I can never skip that part, I always have to listen to the song all the way through. It has always reminded me of The Verve's "Lucky Man." Which I'm pretty sure inspired Mirwais's production.
  8. Help me take the path less traveled byHelp me understand all the reasons why... I can invision myself singing this song on stage, so because if that, it's a terrific and well written track. Just needed done polishing.
  9. I'm trying to find the interview..., but she said this and Like it or Not are songs that she identifies with the most. Love the song and everything about it.
  10. She does it so much betta at the VMAs. And it's funny you call it that Isaac, cause that's what Arsenio called it when she was on the show.
  11. Is that Juliette Hohnen? I always wondered when that friendship started and how they met..., are they still friends?
  12. ryan


    Worst. Idea. Ever.
  13. It was made in 2005 though for COADf. I love the production. Coulda been a nice bside. Coulda woulda shoulda.
  14. ryan


    It'll she better over the years when we experience new album eras. I think the choice of it being first single and it's lack of success have left a sour note on people.
  15. ryan


    I do enjoy the song though.
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