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  1. I think it's obvious it's going to be a collab. We've only just started getting rumors of her working on a new record, which have been very very vague and most likely unreliable. But, many artists have been known to debut new songs at the Grammys: Gaga performed Born This Way at the Grammys, after just a few days of it being released. Pink performed Glitter In The Air in 2010, the same day the single was released. U2 performed Get On Your Boots in 2009, a month after it was released. TI performed Dead and Gone, a month after it was released. the list goes on and on
  2. Yes, i'm pretty sure the rents threw it out when they purchased the vinyl back in 89'.
  3. It's funny. This was before the Sorry single and video was released. But all the M fans were hopping that she would perform Sorry, on rollerskates! And maybe, just maybe Madonna might fall off stage and land on Mariah! Yes, that's what the fans were saying!
  4. She was soooo thin back then. I remember she was placed on the "worst dressed" list for that outfit, I don't blame em....
  5. Guy Oseary ‏@guyoseary May 24 A fan made Daft punk / Madonna mashup http://youtu.be/7geo8JHLcM8
  6. I don't want to be with someone who's just like me
  7. I just can't. I like to leave everything as how they were intended to be. I want my library to be as official as possible. Any changes..., I use playlist.
  8. A true fan. Though it's evident he downloads them illegally.
  9. Someone did tweet the Lucky Star/Get Lucky mashup to Guy O back in the summer, and Guy did respond to it and I believe he said he would show it to M. It could have all stemmed from this.... Oh god I pray and pray and pray
  10. I will wait till the news begins to start talking about it....
  11. why are haters following her on instagram?
  12. I wish there was a way to download all the unseen interviews MTV and VH1 have posted on their websites.
  13. We like to guess at who she's going to perform with. Were fans, we're allowed to annalyze. If you don't like it, Then fuck off. Shoulda just told the topic starter to not post the thread. It's a rumor after all.
  14. It seems likely. As we have rarely ever gotten any rumors of her performing or even attending the Grammys. Would be nice to see her on live tv again.
  15. This is news to my ears, what interview was this?
  16. I think the obvious choice for worst would be MDNA. But I decided to be creative and pick Hard Candy. Candy Shop should have been 1st single. BGO should have had a release, same goes for She's Not Me.
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