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  1. My recent vinyl finds were B-52's Cosmic Thing and OST Earth Girls Are Easy But I know how you feel, back during the summer i came across a promo vinyl for the LDLHA remixes, IN THE DOLLAR BIN!!!!! Of course I bought it!
  2. Well there was no close up shots in DWT, plus the awful hair style, and the recording hardly captured the beautiful lighting, only the blue lights!
  3. That's not an award she's posing with, it's a sex toy.
  5. I go for option C=the single mixes and 7" versions that were played on the radio.
  6. Have an amazing time everyone! Love you all!!
  7. God, I love reading all your stories. I wish I was older to have experienced it's release I was born in the wrong decade!
  8. I don't have a problem with people seeing the show multiple times. I don't think anyone should. I'm just perplexed at the same people always getting front row, AND the same people always winning the contests.
  9. What's the connection though??? Guy? Someone else in her team? Did the connection just contact them and say, "hey you want front row tickets instead of those 200 level ones?"
  10. The song takes me places!!! I think it's even better than good ol Hung Up! What an amazing first single!
  11. This is a silly comparison We would have to put in all PA albums of hers in consideration for this, and it just doesn't play out Pud put it best. The controversy had to do with the visuals, not the lyrics. And Erotica only got the label because of the content in Did You Do It
  12. https://soundcloud.com/madmusiclover/heartbreak-city-demo-4 I know I know. The demo talk is so redundant, ever since it first started almost 11 months ago. And yeah, there's already a thread for Heartbreakcity. But I feel like this demo deserves a thread of it's own. Epic is such an overused word, but it perfectly describes this demo to a t. The added horns and long opening gives the song so much more emotion than it already did. I love it. It's so fucking powerful. I was in awe over it when I first heard it over a week ago. And to think that this was only demo 4, so close to being the final
  13. One is more conservative than the other
  14. I always found the album to be a mix of several demos
  15. If you would like to continue being a membe here, then you must post this short story.
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