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  1. It's a great one - love everything about this interview - the look, the questions, the whole vibe - excellent.
  2. I have a few - HOLD TIGHT, HEARTBREAK CITY, MESSIAH...it can change, then I get stuck on JOAN OF ARC.
  3. It's funny - we've talked about this on here before and I still am not happy about the sound quality, it's very muffled to me. Will have to give it a listen on iTunes. A couple of criticisms of that collection, nearly impossible to follow-up the TIC and no new songs, interesting edits yes, but that's about it. I never really play it at all. Celebration is far superior in sound quality to me.
  4. Agreed, great, great GREAT song - all the right elements, plus it's short and to the point!
  5. But my ALL-time favorite look was the look during LIKE A VIRGIN, the videos, the songs, the beauty - JUST EVERYTHING. So-damn-SEXY!!!
  6. My second favorite because with the dark hair she looks soooooooo ITALIAN! Love it.
  7. Agreed, agreed, agreed! She is amazing - and for me, it has ALWAYS been about the MUSIC!
  8. All I can say is if you don't show it on the outside, INSIDE you will be going crazy, in a good way - it is exciting, especially after all of these years. You're a fan as long as me, cool.
  9. Hey Larkspur - I really should have been more clear in what I wrote. It was in response to a lot of what i have been reading about people complaining of chart success, blah, blah, blah. None of my fandom is in defiance but rather in celebration because none of it matters and the point I was trying to make is that I understand and don't complain about it because it is human nature, the nature of the business, etc. I am happy with what she does if it connects to me as well. I haven't listened to radio since the early 90's, once I could make my own compilations (I started djaying), I had no n
  10. My favorites are always from the 80's - mesh, Keith Haring stuff but these are some visuals: All I can think of is GAMBLER: This brings me enormous joy: Don't mess with MESH:
  11. 23 years ago - let's see if I can recall accurately. Honestly at first I was underwhelmed because foolishly I was expecting more upbeat/dance music - but that's not where she was at. It grew on my quickly and I completely fell for the title track, FEVER, DEEPER AND DEEPER, WAITING, BAD GIRL and RAIN. Those were the standouts for me. I still play it today and it sounds even better with my more refined ears. Great album overall - quite the thematic work, Madonna again was ahead of the curve and under-appreciated for her musicality back then.
  12. Apparently you missed the point to my not-overly dramatic post. Let me be more clear: I was tired of reading articles all over the place and posts here that are always talking about and complaining about her chart performance and age.
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