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  1. Remixes are number 2 on iTunes in Ireland, must be the bedtime stories eff3ct
  2. I emailed Sunday and all I got back was a mail today advising that they are refunding me for the tote bag as there is production issues. Still waiting on clear vinyl and pride bundle, no update on there. Really poor service.
  3. Dublin was classed as sold out as the ticket threshold was met even though you could squeeze in another 16,000. The show earned over $3M so this is what will influence the decision to come to Dublin in the future! A hit single and album would have increased attendance.
  4. I picked it up in Tower in Dublin on Saturday! Haven't opened it yet.
  5. Ireland is also Friday and it coincides with HMV reopening in Dublin!
  6. Thanks Jamesy, brings back some great memories! I was soaked to the skin but a show I'll never forget, Madonna was amazing! I really want to see this show again!
  7. With the Aviva and Croke Park there is always complaints about the sound from people sitting in the upper tiers fr all concerts held there! Not built for concerts! O2 in Dublin would be a fantastic venue to see M! Great venue, 14,000 but feels more intimate!!!
  8. I'm sick of all the hate towards M at the moment. Who cares that it didn't sell out! M will make millions and the majority of the people there had an amazing unforgettable night and that's what matters! Thinking of going to one of the arena shows in the States as I'd love to see it again!
  9. Lol, people left to go to the bar! The upper tiers had gaps and hadn't sold out but good solid crowd and when I looked around during LAP, the place was still packed!
  10. I'm just back and it lashed rain for most of the show but she played the full set and as mentioned was in great form! I was GC and loved every second of! I had a few casual fans with me who were M virgins from a concert perspective and they loved it and we're amazed by the production. Great crowd tonight, really into the show. Would love to see it again with out the soaking but that didn't dampen our enjoyment one bit. She's still amazing!
  11. The reason for the curfew is the Aviva Stadium is in a residential area! If she played an arena here like the US, she wouldn't have a curfew! The difference here is they won't pull the plug, she will have to pay a fine instead. When she played Slane in 2004, the show didn't finish until 23:30.
  12. MDNA currently at 14 & 62 on iTunes, Celebration is at 72 and climbing!
  13. Croke Park only allow 3 concerts a year and Westlife had 2 in June and the Chilli Peppers played also! Aviva is a nicer venue, Croke Park is too big!
  14. If it was based on reviews the GS probably wouldn't have been released!
  15. Anyone else here going to Dublin show?
  16. Stage coming together at the Aviva Stadium: http://twitter.com/mcd_productions/status/226363592532971520/photo/1/large http://yfrog.com/z/gzowdgrj
  17. http://www.avivastadium.ie/gallery.aspx?id=6#
  18. Daybreak in UK are showing the video in 10 minutes as a world exclusive!
  19. Ste_Dub

    Tour 2012

    You fail to mention that the Slane date on RIT was the only outdoor show with a capacity of 80,000. Slane is associated mainly with rock acts with Madonna being the only female to ever headline it plus the venue doesn't lend itself to Madonna's fanbase demographic as a lot of people were put off by the location and the fact it's difficult to get to and from and it was on a Sunday night. I left the venue with my friends at 11:30pm and we didn't get back into Dublin City until 5:30am in the morning considering the venue is only an hour from Dublin. In relation to charts: 4 minutes and Hard Candy both hit number 1 in Ireland and I'm confident when the album is released and with a bit of promotion in Europe, the Aviva Stadium gig will sell out. Buying patterns have changed in the past few years for all shows were people tend to buy tickets closer to event dates due to financial impacts on people and increased taxes!
  20. She does seem a bit bitter in those vids but I don't think she feels like that now, she's more complimentary of M and I think there is some admiration of the length of career M has managed to sustain in such a fickle business! I went to see Cyndi at her first Irish show 2 years ago and she was so good and as mad as ever. Her first show around the time of 12 deadly sins was cancelled due to poor ticket sales and the show I went to was in a venue with a capacity of 1,500. I think they borrowed from each other but to say M didn't know what she was doing is just pure jealousy!
  21. I caught the Ellen show the other day with this kid on it as it's shown in Ireland a couple of weeks after the States and Ellen never mentioned Madonna to him!
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