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  1. Madonna - Celebration Disc One 01 Holiday 02 Lucky Star 03 Like A Virgin 04 Material Girl 05 Into The Groove 06 Live To Tell 07 Papa Dont Prach 08 Open Your Heart 09 La Isla Bonita 10 Like A Prayer 11 Express Yourself 12 Vogue 13 Justify My Love 14 This Used To Be My Playground 15 Deeper And Deeper Disc Two 01 Secret 02 Take A Bow 03 You'll See 04 Frozen 05 Ray Of Light 06 Beautiful Stranger 07 Music 08 Dont Tell Me 09 Die Another Day 10 American Life 11 Hung Up 12 Sorry 13 4 Minutes 14 Revolver 15 Celebrate this is my guess at the tracklisting it would be great if they put more tracks on but my guess it will only have 15 on each disc 16 at the most they could add "Borderline" and maybe something from the "Evita" soundtrack like "You Must Love Me" hopefully we'll find out the real album tracklisting after the single premieres at the end of the month
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