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  1. thief of hearts.

  2. i think Debbie is more comparable to Taylor Swift. not Gaga. Deb solely writes most of her songs and plays few instruments as well. both started at 16 and had sold-out concerts in stadiums. i believe Gaga never wrote a song all by herself.
  3. ^ oh hell yeah! lovelovelove Deborah! not to mention Debbie's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay prettier at 40. and Caca's like what? 24? and she looks way older than Deb.
  4. couldn't agree more. Incredible was ok, but she murdered the song's ending. she repeats "incredible!!! let's finish what we started!!" like a million times and it forces me to press the "next" button. about the whole album, Music remains my least favorite album. Hard Candy is very generic and sounds very rushed. but it's not a bad record at all. it's just that the album could've been a lot better.
  5. Most Iconic- Like a Prayer Best Video- Frozen
  6. it's quite surprising nobody acknowledged Rain as one of her finest ballads...
  7. have to add Crazy for You. prolly the most popular Madonna ballad here.
  8. 1. You'll See 2. Live to Tell 3. This Used to Be My Playground
  9. Live to Tell and Like a Prayer by a miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile!!!
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