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  1. In no particular order: Messiah Joan of Arc Unapologetic Bitch Bitch I'm Madonna Ghosttown or Living For Love (I can't decide between these two)
  2. I want Diplo!! He is so hot! Love love love the new video! It's so fun. This song better be a hit, bitches!!!
  3. Can't believe I only just stumbled upon this thread! OMG. You guys kill me. I have not laughed this hard in ages. I had tears, I wet myself. I was DYING! Best thread ever.
  4. Stunning!!! I love how Madonna looks. DYING!
  5. Don't forget one she'll probably be the only woman to score a No.1 over 4 decades.
  6. OMG! LMAO! Good riddance, Mimi. This album is not even going to reach 400k at this rate and the album won't even sell 1m worldwide!
  7. Thanks, bigham. Mimi's album may not even make it to 500k and this album was released late in the year too! IDJ must be very nervous about the profitability of one their biggest stars...
  8. And who said pigs don't fly???! I hope this is true and that her SS numbers were higher than HITS. Where is Mimiand how much did she sell? I believe the lambs have committed mass suicide...hence the low sales numbers.
  9. I'm surprised by how well Whitney's album is holding up. By the way, is Janet releasing her new album soon or will it be early next year?
  10. Yikes! 220k after 2 weeks. Poor Mimi...if she thought things could not get worse after "Glitter"... Madonna seems to have held on better than expected given what her early numbers on HITS looked like. I'm hoping SS numbers are higher and is enough to stay in the top 20 on Billboard. Wow. Paramore took a real beating!!
  11. Don't tell Mimi that. She might have another "breakdown"...
  12. I hope that by some miracle Celebration can stay in the top 20.
  13. Maybe for singles but not for albums really. Mimi and her record company(s) will be the first to re-certify her and then she will claim to have the most platinum albums. You just know she's gonna do that.
  14. Ouch! From 168k to less than 60k!! We're looking at over 65% drop. Will this album even make 400k at the end of it's run?
  15. I willbe celebrating if it did drop out of the top 10 next week and sells less than 50k.
  16. OMG. Surely Mimi couldn't have dropped that much! Where are all the lambs? Well, I suppose most of them would have killed themselves after the album only reached No.3 and with such poor numbers too. And since they're gone, there's less lambs available to buy more copies! LOL
  17. oh, she most certainly is! I'd love to know how she's gonna pull off a platinum certification for her new album. It'll be lucky to scan 500k at the rate it's going.
  18. Actually, Mimi is bigger internationally, which is why Janet will have the last laugh when MOAIA doesn't end up selling as much as Discipline.
  19. Poor Mimi. She didn't get a top 5 single for Obesed and she couldn't even reach the top 2 with Memoirs of an overly bloated angel. The lambs must be complete meltdown by now. Janet will be laughing her head off if Mimi's album sells than Discipline! LOL
  20. Oh no...Babs now pulls ahead by 2 for most No.1 albums by a female artist. Let's hope that Paramore are No.2 and Mimi is at No.3 (or even lower...muah ha ha).
  21. HC sold 3.5-4 million worldwide. If Mimi's numbers in the US are really as bad as it's looking so far, she may struggle to pass 1 million worldwide (just like Janet's last album!).
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