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  1. i dont care if she sings new songs or old songs, i just want her to start earlier than 11:55 pm next time for christs sake
  2. does anyone remember the earliest start time on this tour? i was trying to remember, and all i could come up with was the first few shows starting around 930 (????) and we thought THAT was late! it really became a runaway train
  3. i feel like the cheese stands alone once again, but i totally wouldnt mind the show starting with EY and missing that horrid opening segment. I loved GGW, but the rest of the segment was just not working for me. I like the idea of opening with EY and going from there...although it isnt the grand enterance that GGW is...but i wasnt digging Revolver or Gang Bang and the most awful Hung Up ever
  4. and which dancer is this sasha person? is there even a female in the opening segments? i saw the show but to be honest, i dont recall any women dancers in the beginning.....then again i was watching madonna so Bill Clinton could have been on stage too and i would hve missed it
  5. i'm glad the show is over for the USA cause if it were still going on here, people are so sensitive to what happened, Madonna would be crucified in epic proportions like the dixie chicks hoo-ha years back but 100 times worse
  6. i think she should just keep going with the lateness and for the first mexican city show, she should come out just after midnight and then the 2nd show come on early like 9pm and then it can be some sort of record like 2 concerts in one day!
  7. is it just my computer screen or was that the most annoying view for the concert? with the constant light flashing, i thought something happened and she hadnt appeared on stage yet, you cant see any of them at all. i guess i should be happy i had a sky high/side view cause at least i saw something lol
  8. i see in the reviews it started close to 11pm so so much for that article saying it was promised a 10pm start time LOL
  9. http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/11/14/2484017/madonna-in-charlotte-better-late.html hope this works...never posted a link before (LOL)
  10. there were people listed in the 'roll call' thread for tonight. but i wondered where this thread was too! Saw an article on line about the show tonight and it was harping about the start time for the majority of the story, and also stated she was starting at 10pm tonight
  11. i like this post but try not to say things like 'everyone loved it' because you didnt ask everyone in the 15,000 seat arena...there were LOTS of complaints going on all night and on the trains home...not everyone loved it. I myself did, but not everyone loves everything.
  12. me too. Vogue was perfection and Like a prayer was a religious experience...at least here in Washington DC it was...
  13. i agree...i usually like the pics used for the shirts, but the shirts themselves are iffy. they feel flimsy and dont fit right...the last nice quality shirts were confessions...they all fit great...sticky and sweet were strange
  14. sshhhhh...dont say that too loud and give her ideas...she might us sit thru one of her movies before she comes out!
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