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  1. Same exact order for me. I ADORE the top 3. Crave is very very good. For me, I Rise is .. meh
  2. I think that's a tricky question to answer - I don't think there is a solid and easily discernible line. Of course, there is a difference between saying "I'm dead tired" and "I'm working so hard, I feel like I'm in a Nazi concentration camp".. where exactly that line is - who knows? I guess its a matter of personal judgment, and sensitivity (either over-sensitivity or under-sensitivity). I know I am in the minority on this board - but I feel that her comparing disappointment at an article/journalist to being raped was extreme, and makes her seem petulant and illogical
  3. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, articunocc. I see you are a new addition to the forum - welcome! As you can see, things can get passionate and heated around here. But - welcome to the Madonna fan community. I think one thing we can all agree on is - Long May She Reign!
  4. I had already read the article before posting - but thanks for checking, karbatal.
  5. I wish Madge had not lashed out on social media about this article - especially comparing it to rape (even if she has been raped herself). Its an excessive response from Madge, and off putting. I will always have love and respect for Madge - but fear that the general public will see her as a crazy loon. I guess we are all human and make mistakes sometimes - as a celebrity, the mistakes are just out for all to see. Sigh.
  6. I think there are 2 reasons: 1. Cher and Dolly are both camp artists to some degree (Dolly less so). This makes them safer for public consumption, as they are 'in on the joke'. 2. Madonna is provocative, challenging, makes no apologies for her age or sexuality - and comes off less than humble sometimes (because she does not bow down - that is who she is). The public finds a woman of her age, doing what she does, without campiness or cartoonishness - CHALLENGING. If she put out Donna Summer or Kylie type disco songs with no meaning/content/overt sexuality - she would be much more pa
  7. Very interesting viewpoint - I can completely see it happening!
  8. Link: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jun/05/madonna-age-music-female-singers
  9. Madonna Madonna’s age isn’t relevant. Her music is Fiona Sturges Like many female artists, the singer has to put up with constant references to how old she is. It’s a double standard Wed 5 Jun 2019 11.52 EDT Last modified on Wed 5 Jun 2019 11.58 EDT Shares 1 Comments 3 ‘When men talk about women ageing gracefully, they are not actin
  10. I think I'm going to choose not to hear Dark Ballet and save it for the album - extra anticipation!
  11. Guardian review is online. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/jun/04/madonna-madame-x-review-her-most-bizarre-album-ever Madonna: Madame X review – her most bizarre album ever 4 out of 5 stars. (Live Nation/Interscope/Maverick) The lows, featuring white-saviour narratives and witless lyrics, are really low. But by embracing Latin pop, Madonna sounds more natural than she has in years. We all get old, but never at the same age. Some of us are old when we’re children, bringing briefcases to school and talking to adults at family parties; others le
  12. I still have yet to see a thoughtful and in depth review from these so called reviewers. Sigh. Maybe we will have to wait for those closer to the release...
  13. Loving this! So epic and dramatic!
  14. Three stars to me means it’s an ok album - not bad but not great. 0 stars - one of the worst ever 1 star - v. horrible 2 stars - bad 3 stars - ok 4 stars - good- v good 5 stars - amazing. A future classic.
  15. I would agree with the 4 stars for MDNA. I know I am in the minority here, but MDNA is one of my top 5 Madge albums. Great hooks, and interesting sonically - I can listen to it start to finish.
  16. I want a ultra limited edition greatest hits boxset! CD 1, 2: hits known by general public. CD 3 : b sides and rarities CD 4 -7: highlights of her remixes CD 8: highlights of live performances CD 9: alternate studio versions of songs CD 10: unreleased songs from album sessions 80 page book autographed poster. (included in the first 5000 orders) ... ... ... Hey, I can dream, can't I?
  17. I absolutely ADORE both the Offer Nissim mixes for Medellin. But then I also really enjoyed his mixes of GGW and TUTR..
  18. I feel like she has done a lot already: BBMA performance Eurovision performance Medellin video Crave video Vanity Fair Article Tetu magazine article now 3 radio station interviews tour announcement That is a LOT of promo already.
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