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  1. This list is so different from when the album came out: 1. I Don't Search 2. Dark Ballet 3. Killers Who Are Partying 4. Medellin 5. Extreme Occident 6. God Control 7. Crazy 8. Bitch I'm Loca 9 . Come Alive (this used to be my #1) 10. Looking for Mercy ( I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all of the above). 11. Future 12. Crave 13. Batuka (I STRONGLY LIKE 11-13) 14. Faz Gostado (PRETTY GOOD) 15. I Rise (DISLIKE)
  2. Very true. I certainly miss her chart domination - because I want the general population to recognize her awesomeness. But I have to say that MX has just floored me - just so adventurous, thoughtful, purposeful and ambitious. In my Top 2 Madge albums of all time. I am also really excited to see what music she makes as she continues to age and grow.
  3. Sorry if it has been posted before - found this fan video for I Don't Search. So fucking glamorous. Tres chic .
  4. What the fuck is this freakshow ?!?? ! I feel bad for the crazy bitch. And those crutches on the wall in the background? Seriously, its so deranged.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7381237/Five-elderly-men-85-year-old-woman-arrested-having-public-sex-Connecticut-park.html Five elderly men and an 85-year-old woman are arrested for 'having public sex in a Connecticut woodland' - after cops catch the amorous seniors during a crackdown on the popular hookup spot Six elderly Connecticut residents have been arrested for allegedly having sex in a public conservation area A married couple aged in their 80s were among those who were reportedly busted in the throes of passion All six have been charged with brea
  6. 1. I Don't Search I Find 2. Crazy 3. Killers Who Are Partying 4. God Control 5. Medellin honorable mentions: Extreme Occident, Dark Ballet, Come Alive., Bitch I'm Loca.
  7. Yes yes yes - my favorites have transitioned from Medellin --> Dark Ballet --> Crazy --> Come Alive --> God Control --> Extreme Occident --> I Don't Search I Find (current fave)
  8. Batuka - this is a stretch but perhaps Superstar? Crazy - Love Tried to Welcome Me or Time Stood Still Looking For Mercy - Joan Of Arc Funana - Holiday I think Bitch I'm Loca should be paired with Unapologetic Bitch. Then you could pair Future with something else like Your Honesty?!
  9. # 1. God Control #2. Medellin #3. Come Alive #4. I Don't Search #5. Crazy // Extreme Occident // Crave
  10. So interesting to hear the opinions - I find myself skipping over this song. I think the beat, the melody and the back and forth singing is good and sonically interesting at first.I think the autotune really suits it as a great contrast to the batukadeiras. But after the first 2 minutes it gets very repetitive for me. There is no significant change up in the melody/song structure until the very end, and so the song strikes me as a repetitive and one note. I think I would have liked it much more if it was a 2 min 30 second song instead of almost 5 minutes - or even if the violin was
  11. Yes - batuka is def one of my least favorites. I am shocked how low they ranked Come Alive - that song is everything to me!
  12. Not sure if you're comfortable sharing on the board, side_streets - but I was curious what you meant by this? You can DM me if you prefer.
  13. Loving this track so much. Totally could have been a single.
  14. I do not recall much promo for RH era. This era definitely sticks out much more to me! This era's promo shits all over the RH promo. This era rocks!
  15. This.Its so hard but waiting till Friday! The anticipation is part of the experience
  16. I think PR has not been perfect but its not bad. We've gotten multiple lyric videos 3 proper music videos Vogue Italia cover and Vogue UK cover Cover in the French magazine (name eludes me right now) Tour announcement BBMA performance Eurovision performance Some radio interviews in the US NYT article and controversy Graham Norton coming up Today show coming up Pride Island performance coming up. I feel like its been a good mix of music videos/ print media/ planned interviews. My only complaint is that I wish there h
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