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  1. What the fuck is this freakshow ?!?? ! I feel bad for the crazy bitch. And those crutches on the wall in the background? Seriously, its so deranged.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7381237/Five-elderly-men-85-year-old-woman-arrested-having-public-sex-Connecticut-park.html Five elderly men and an 85-year-old woman are arrested for 'having public sex in a Connecticut woodland' - after cops catch the amorous seniors during a crackdown on the popular hookup spot Six elderly Connecticut residents have been arrested for allegedly having sex in a public conservation area A married couple aged in their 80s were among those who were reportedly busted in the throes of passion All six have been charged with breach of peace, while two of the men have additionally been charged with public indecency The arrests come after police set up extra surveillance in the area, after earlier complaints of 'lewd and sexual activity' taking place in the woodland Six senior citizens have been arrested after they were allegedly caught having sex in a Connecticut woodland. Police say they busted the elderly residents getting hot and heavy at Grace Richardson Conservation area in Fairfield last week, during a police crackdown on public hookups in the area. The CT Post identified the locals as Daniel Dobbins, 67; Otto D. Williams, 62; Charles L. Ardito, 75; John Linartz, 62; Richard Butler, 82 and his wife Joyce Butler, 85. All six of the elderly citizens - five men and one woman - were arrested and charged with breach of peace. All six of those arrested have been released and will appear in court at a later date. Authorities decided to increase surveillance on the Grace Richardson Conservation following complaints about 'lewd and sexual activity' taking place in the vicinity earlier this month. On August 9, concerned citizens called the cops to report a public hookup happening in the wooded area. The CT Times reports that the Grace Richardson Conservation is listed online as a popular spot for public sex. John Linartz (left) and and Daniel Dobbins (right) are two of the six who have been arrested. They have additionally been charged with public indecency The park has been advertised on at least one 'City Hookup Guide' as a meet-up spot, alongside other Fairfield locations including a commuter parking lot and a local McDonald's. Police say they will continue to monitor those sites, as well as internet listings, in order to keep public spaces 'appropriate and safe'. According to the CT Post, Dobbins has previously been charged with second-degree breach of peace by Connecticut police Witnesses said they spotted a him walking around a park naked, before police found him inside his car 'with his shirt and shorts draped over him and no underwear'. Witnesses said they spotted a him walking around a park naked, before police found him inside his car 'with his shirt and shorts draped over him and no underwear'. Charles L. Ardito and Otto Williams were also allegedly busted during the woodland romp. Photographs of Richard Butler, 82 and his wife Joyce Butler, 85, were not available
  3. 1. Confessions on a Dance Floor 2. Ray Of Light 3. MDNA 4. Like A Prayer 5. Music 6. Erotica 7. True Blue 8. American Life 9. Bedtime Stories 10. Rebel Heart 11. Madonna 12. Hard Candy 13. Like A Virgin
  4. Unapologetic Bitch would not be hard to edit: It can be switched to "Unapologetic Chick" and "you never knew how much your selfish bull(bleep) cost me, so screw you"
  5. Heartbreak City Rebel Heart (I think the album version is FAR superior to the demo) Illuminati Veni Vedi Vici Holy Water
  6. LOVE (5 out of 5 stars) Heartbreak City Body Shop Holy Water Rebel Heart REALLY LIKE (4 out of 5 stars) Unapologetic Bitch Bitch I'm Madonna Illuminati Iconic Inside Out Veni Vedi Vici S.E.X. Messiah LIKE (3 out of 5 stars) Devil Pray Joan Of Arc Wash All Over Me Hold Tight OK (2 out of 5 stars) Living For Love Ghosttown DISLIKE (1 out of 5 stars) Best Night - feel like it is boring - just the verse and chorus repeating itself with not much variety Overall, I would give the album a very solid 4 out of 5 stars - but every day I listen to it, I am loving the tracks more and more.
  7. I have only heard LFL, Ghosttown, Unapologetic Bitch and Devil Pray. I did hear the iTunes snippets of Bitch I'm Madonna and Joan of Arc. But nothing else!! So excited to bathe in Madonna's Holy Water all next week
  8. I have only heard 4 songs off of RH - but I don't understand the dislike you guys have for MDNA. I thought (and still do think) that MDNA is the bomb. Its in my top3 madge albums ever!
  9. I have only heard Unaplogetic Bitch - I love it! I think its amazing. Lyrics are cool; production is inventive, and sounds pretty current and fresh to me.
  10. 1. MDNA 2. COADF 3. ROL 4. Like A Prayer 5. American Life 6. Bedtime Stories 7. Erotica 8. Music 9. Hard Candy The others I havent heard as albums enough to comment...
  11. Good video - not groundbreaking, but quite beautiful. This is much better than the videos for Jump, Celebration, GI2M, Sorry, Miles Away, Get Together! What makes it cooler is the fact that she tried and that she shot this baby between tour dates! Love her look, the cinematography, the interspersed shots of the fans, the looks of all the dancers. Fun video.
  12. Entertainment Weekly is seriously pretty fucked up sometimes.
  13. Yeah - Walmart does have the Laidback Luke remix of "Give Me All Your Luvin" but they don't have Gang Bang and I Fucked Up! I guess only completist who collect everything will buy it..
  14. Such an exciting time for Madonna fans! I can't wait to get my hands on a physical copy tomorrow. The Best Buy circular has the regular version at 9.99 and the deluxe at 14.99 (which is a bit surprising since I thought they would discount it more for the first week). Anyhow, I'd love to know what prices/the display other stores have...
  15. LOL - why is that a shock mtzlplk?
  16. I hope it doesn't leak - it eats into the sales from the general public...
  17. To Have and Not to Hold is sublime - so beautiful. Its Shanti/Ashtangi that I always skip.
  18. i LOVE it - it sounds like Confessions part 2 !!!!!
  19. "The Echo and the Roar" "Metropolis" "The Second Coming" "The Flood of Rapture" "Harbinger"
  20. I think the name of a new Madonna album should be epic sounding, such as International Discotheque or Metropolis
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