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  1. Small crowd at his rally, social media campaign to reserve tickets with no intention of going paid off. He thought a hundred thousand people were going.
  2. I’m disgusted-no one needs to say a group of “powerful” white men who don’t want change or peace
  3. https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=344045759550813&_rdr
  4. Just heard beautiful scars sounded so good on the radio
  5. My mom is listening to Sirius radio and says to me Bitch I’m Loca from the new album is my song love that beat
  6. Other artist who have had a limited time station have had then interviews and clips repeated at different times...I wish this would be a permanent station, it’s so good-got in the car and nothing fails was playing
  7. Sounded new, referees to the marriage as her first
  8. I already have Sirius-I’ve been a subscriber for years
  9. Talking about live to tell wrote it for Sean and wrote it for love
  10. 1 Crazy 2 Dark Ballet 3 God Control 4 Faz Gostoso 5 Batuka
  11. I’ve been waiting for your review- this has gotten me even more excited!! Im still going to try and wait till Friday, Thank You Thank You Thank You
  12. I’m waiting I’ve only listened to the 5 tracks released
  13. I’ve been checking all day-still sold out- do u still see it available?
  14. I’m not listening until Friday but all of you have me excited! I remember this excitement with MDNA and Rebel Heart then it died quickly, I hope this doesn’t happen again
  15. Thanks Peter-My own fault for not ordering sooner, didn’t think it would sell out
  16. Thank You I had it in my cart went to get my credit card and it sold out again-I’m going to keep checking-let me know if U see it again
  17. I missed the pre order too-hope it is in the stores on Friday
  18. Just saw ABC NY news do a minute about the show last night, played a video of like a prayer and really really praised her!!
  19. They are letting us turn around now moving us away from the strip. From our understanding the airport is closed, I just drove past the airport police have it blocked off, cops are everywhere I don't live in Vegas, i am here on vacation I am lost we don't know where to go stupid GPS keeps re routing us to roads that are closed.
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