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  1. bitch where the hell r u?

  2. Πού είσαι;

  3. I'm sorry but are comments like this really fucking necessary? I haven't said a damn word as person after person has insulted us PERSONALLY after we made a silly video about a POP STAR. I understand the point of view of people who don't agree with us. But this personal shit is low and truly, truly, unnecessary. Enough is enough.
  4. What can you tell us about the Rain interlude? I dont think anyone's said anything yet...
  5. Oh well. Its cute like that too
  6. So I guess the hair is curly not straight for the tour?
  7. nice! So I guess the outfit did change a bit from the sketch then.
  8. I'm Speechless. These are absolutely breathtaking. I will definitely buy this tourbook! And the cover is possibly her most iconic since True Blue. FUCKING AMAZING!
  9. So I guess with 4 months left in the year, the best we can expect for the album is 700k? That would mean it would have to average 5,000 copies a week..
  10. What did they do to Vogue? They butchered it That should never have been tampered with. Diggin the rest though ITG is my fav so far
  11. ^ I dont think its real. This setlist is posted once a week for the past month. Tribe's is authentic imo.
  12. Well be happy, you get to see the same performance again for this tour
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