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  1. Lucky

    Rebel Heart Tour program....

    Has many good spreads!
  2. Lucky


    OMG I love the tie in with the LFL look. BEST live performance of this song! EXCELLENCE!
  3. Lucky

    RANK the Tours BY COSTUMES

    Virgin Tour BLOND AMBITION WORLD TOUR 90 Girlie Show Tour Who's That Girl Tour Rebel Heart Tour MDNA Sticky & Sweet Tour Re-Invention Tour Confessions Tour Drowned World Tour
  4. Lucky


    She's fine! She's probably sick like 50% of America. Flu season and she's been traveling!
  5. I'm FINALLY listening to the Rebel Heart demos and its like I have a new remix cd with additional lyrics! FUNKY! Glad I waited a year lol!
  6. Lucky

    Houston, TX 01.12.16

  7. I want another "2 sided" single from RH with remixes and a live video! Holy Water/Body Shop
  8. She will release a new single if she stays on tour through the Summer!
  9. Lucky

    NYC Sept. 16

    She still has not repeated her shorter Deeper and Deeper hair. It was soooo goood live. Like 1985 all over again!
  10. Lucky

    NYC Sept. 16

    I had a ball but it took me days to get over my Madonna hangover. Her hair was so SUSAN during the "Prada outfit" section I almost died! It was so much fun and I'm glad I saw the show in NY! I missed Amy because my driver got me there late -Oh well can't have everything. My highlights were BIM, D&D, LFL, LIB, DYU, ITG, TB, LDLHA, BU and LS and the opening video! It was all good! I loved her curtain (i bought that version of the shirt and it's amazing). I also got the tour book. I got a little too buzzed and UB and Holiday are a little hazy lol! I want to see it again (can't wait for a live broadcast or a dvd). This was her best concert iN DECADES!
  11. I danced so hard to Deeper and Deeper AND had a lovely time near the catwalk during LFL, LIB and the 80's Medley! PURE joy!