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  1. Did anyone catch a video of her plucking out her tongue at the mic during Like A Virgin? I don't remember her doing this in the other shows but it was lol.
  2. The last show I saw I was front row center GT in Philly so that was an experience in and of itself. This show I was looking forward to seeing all the stuff you miss being so close in the pit. Energy at the MSG shows always tops any other venue. The crowd looked amazing and beautiful and was cool pretty all the way up to the 10:45ish start time. The crowd in the 100s section actually stood til the final section (except masterpiece) but sat through I'm Addicted and I'm a Sinner. Those two songs didnt sound nearly as good as they do seeing the show head on. Really enjoyed GGW/Revolver/Gang Bang/I
  3. Hollywood from RI is probably her best interlude, but I really liked the choices of Nobody Knows Me and Justify; was hoping to hear them this time around.
  4. If you're not in the very front row, then yes. To be in the front, you'll need to get there by 4pm or 5pm to be among the first in line waiting for the GT ticket and wristband because they distribute it at 6. After that everyone ran to wait outside of the different entrances/inside of arena bars until 7, when everyone ran again to actually get downstairs and run into the triangle. Of course these were only the people vying for front row. If you don't care about being front row, you can pick up you GT ticket/band as late as 8:30 and then go straight down. The triangle wasn't even full until c
  5. Front row closest to the stage is great because you see the opening and closing right in front of you. (~~~~~SPOILER: The censer and incense literally swings over your head.~~~~~) But if I could do it again, in addition to having already been in the front row, I would go near the tip of the triangle on the opposite side. A good amount of the show (several bits of a handful of songs) happen there and if you are right up front by the stage, it is occasionally hard to see. Tip of the triangle is the best option if you don't care about making eye contact with Madonna and just want to be in the
  6. If you win, they send you an email that says you do not need your original tix and to feel free to give them away.
  7. Hi. I was front row center last night and will post pics in a few hours. Just a few things: yes, she did come on at 10:30 and assholes in the back of the arena were booing about 5 mins before she came out. The reason she was so late is because she didn't even finish sound check until sometime around 7pm. The main security guard in the front said that Madonna didn't leave the arena until 3am Tuesday morning and had been in Philly practicing for three days. Apparently there were a few conflicts she had to work out since adapting the show from Europe to a newer (smaller?) stage. This guy also sai
  8. Like I said in the other thread, the fact that she can have a number 1 album without any promotion or a strong lead single when people like Lady Gaga rely on YouTube and Twitter to achieve success on a sophomore album, already riding high off of fame, is pretty amazing.
  9. So basically this is her 12th album in her thirty year career and it just debuted at number 1 without any promotion or a strong lead single. Amazinggg
  10. Rescue Me Swim or Candy Perfume Girl Justify My Love Erotica/Beast Within Impressive Instant * * Not sure if 2000 is considered an "oldie," so this may also be replaced with Open Your Heart. I think Express Yourself if a given considering the recent turn of events.
  11. I don't think ROL would be a problem if she ditched the guitar. That said, I feel like that was the issue with all songs on guitar in the S&S Tour. While the guitar on the Confessions tour was a pleasant change and seemed to have fit the songs/act better, it seemed bland to continue the trend on the not as dance-focused S&S.
  12. This. Unfortunately I can't see her ditching guitar because it probably distracts her from have to dance the entire show. Not that she wouldn't be able to dance the entire show because she could, but to sing as well... we all know what that sounds like after 2 songs.
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