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  1. What is this space...?

  2. People means people... and biggest selling single, well, look at the charts. Half that shit will be forgotten and buried in 5 years.
  3. I dont know... most people ridiculed the fact she had to sample ABBA to score a hit... well I know the sample probably didnt do much, but still... thats the impression people got.
  4. Oh, I disliked it from the beginning and I wont change my mind... resting the entire sucess on the album on a sample from ABBA is very weak considering were talking Madonna here. At least Sepheryn and the others were uknown tunes, but my god, Gimme... classic of classics...
  5. Okay I get it, you like it, fine... so be it. I dismiss the album on the basis that it was damage control, leotards, flaunting your ass in the camera while trying to be hip... and the music was bad as well. I say music, it would be more sounds really...
  6. It somehow seems you and I got off on some wrong foot... is saying Confessions sucks some kind of no-no on the Madonna forums? Because it seems like it... damn one guy at Mtribe even went mental over it.
  7. Madonna essense...? Yeah... swoosh sounds are the ultimate Madonna essense.
  8. Get Together is in no way a "classic". It was a fan favorite apparently, but thats about it. Nobody else cared for the song. Gimme..., oh sorry Hung Up would be the only classic and even that is debateable.
  9. I say keep the guitars, ditch the synth backing track and add some bass guitar and it would be great, the Pantera riff included.
  10. It wasnt a guitar solo, true she should drop that routine, but it wasnt a guitar solo. A guitar solo would involve actual chords and riffs...
  11. Pathetic is the purple leotard... the guitar is just amateurish. The album version of LAP with electric guitar solo outro by Monte though... yes, yes, bring it on!!!
  12. if true, please be the album version...
  13. Britneys sugar is raw! You people just dont realise... its sticky and sweet. Plus she likes to get stupid so shes right up Madonnas alley.
  14. Okay, Britney shaving off her hair will be the only remotely interesting thing she ever did... or will do... or has will be done.
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