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  1. 3 minutes ago, side_streets said:

    That's a kind of sad, especially for me who is from a country where being gay is still really dangerous.

    Don't misinterpret what I said. Gay men in America are not awful people. But culturally, they have a lot to learn. We won massive victories on the backs of many intelligent activists who worked for decades for equality, but the struggle has lifted for us in the last little while since gay marriage was legalized. Right now, we want to celebrate. And if Madonna wants to lift gay men up and give them some culture in an otherwise pretty superficial and "cute" (if undeniably massive) event, American Life is a fucking stupid place for Madonna to start. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    What makes you say that ? 

    Have seen footage of Madonna in rehearsals before and she is very measured, professional and listens to people.  The producers, song writers, dancers she works with are always commenting on how supportive and professional she is. 


    Madonna IS professional. She's concise, she's efficient, she is a leader.

    But she has not been good at getting feedback in the last little while. Her instagram experience is demonstrative. The abuse she gets on instagram is astronomical. I refuse to read it, my imagination already does the job for me. Yet it is also full with people throwing in their input left and right. Mixed in with the hate are fans (casual or hardcore) who always beg her to make different choices.

    She has shown her propensity for doubling down in the last few years. She follows up one jarring career decision with an even more jarring one. It doesn't reassure me much, considering the stakes - her most brilliant album since a DECADE AND A HALF AGO, and her performing and profitability clout. 

  3. 13 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    I understand your frustration. Believe me. I was internally frustrated with her Eurovision decisions. But it's not the end of the world. She's political nowadays and this is her now. 

    I don't agree with your opinion of AL at all though. The seeking of vapid fame and the lacking of real references brought dangerous people on the scene and now Trump is there. 

    I think is some of you who are unable of thinking outside the box. She's not in popstar mode now. And who knows, maybe she'll never be anymore. 

    Karbatal - my baby, you know what American gay men are like. They're like fucking Dionysus clones multiplied by the millions. They live for pleasure only. Some of us (ME) juggle both our pleasures while still trying to be a productive member of the community.  But by and large, American gay men like spoon-fed pleasures. Brunch, anus pictures, beach outings, Ariana Grande, iced coffee, and occasional drug use. American Life will be lost on them. Hell, it's lost on me - not because I don't know what she's talking about, but because I think it's an awkward, cheesetastic and tuneless song associated with dragging down a pretty decent album with it. It's one of her most unforgivable sins for me. And she's performing it at the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots at New York Pride. A massive event, a massive moment for gay men in this country. 

    Think like an American gay man after reading that last sentence. All he's gonna say is "the bitch has fucking lost it"

  4. 5 minutes ago, Titty said:

    Jesus... that set list is diabolical.  After ESC Future is dead.  This alongside I Rise (yawnfest) and AL will leave yet another audience stunned in silence.  Has nobody told her that she was shit at Eurovision and that she might need to do something the audience wants. 

    The answer is no. No one has told her because they know she’ll just glare at them or fire them.

  5. And i don’t want to hear that I’m a fake fan or that I’m wishing bad things for her. Just a few days ago I was disabusing everyone of their belief that Madonna had anxiety or some sort of medical condition just cuz she was a diva on Graham Norton. I mean come on. I even tried to calm nerves with the Eurovision dust up. 

    This setlist just pisses me off. I’m American, our pride parade is a really joyous occasion and this could be a momentous historic moment for her. Instead she’s going to be rapping about coffee in front of a bunch of dazed gay men who will probably leave midway to go do some G. I’m pissed. I hate having to defend her choices all the time. Maybe take my anger as a sign of deep loyalty instead of something sinister.

  6. American Life is a stupid song and says absolutely nothing about pride. It’s a song about Madonna being disillusioned with fame. It’s pretty reviled song for a reason. 

    Wanna talk about pride? Vogue and Express Yourself fit way better. Instead she chooses that bullshit song that everyone has been trying to forget for 16 years.

    a lot of you don’t understand my frustration and that’s fine. I just wanted her to do something inspiring. Instead she’s giving everyone a reason to think she’s lost her mind. Myself included. It’s really fucking annoying. Trolldonna isn’t funny or cheeky. She’s just crap. Wanna troll me? Think outside the box. Merely performing weak songs that are known more for how bad they are rather than the message they send (again, AL is about fame, HOW RELATABLE!) is just looking like you’re going a little batty.

  7. Just now, Cesky said:

    I mean she always going to perform I Rise, and it's hard to argue with LAP and Vogue. I get that some fans try to argue about LAP, but it's her most famous song so...

    But Future is the one that I can see complaints about. I really like the song, but it's probably not the best choice for the audience. But then another neither is God Control probably and yall trying to suggest that. 

    Performing American life. Performing American life.

  8. Just now, Herfaceremains said:

    Oh, I think everyone understands your frustration. You don’t agree with Madonna’s choices, and this is a forum devoted to Madonna, and it’s great that we all get to express ourselves in matters related to her with honesty and passion. But she has a hat with the words “Wake Up” embroidered on it too. She’s rehearsed Crave and Batuka too! 😱😂

    This is how desperate I’ve gotten - I’d even take those 2. At least they’re a) good, in Crave’s case and b) sonically unique in Batuka’s case 

    fucking hell Madonna. 

  9. Just now, Mensch said:

    I totally see it. I don’t care what she does ultimately but only 4 songs and the choices are a bit crazy 

    It’s not about what other ppl think of Madonna (yes we get it most of the world is finished with her)... it’s what I think. I just feel really torn between the music and the performances. Billboard was cute but just that. Eurovision was a big screwup. My hopes are already in the toilet for this before even seeing it. She’s already giving me crickets with that set list. It’s a first for me.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Shaun said:

    Extremely sorry I clicked on this thread and read the comments.

    You know what shocks me more than anything? That’s so many of you guys don’t see where some of us are coming from. It’s strange. Not saying this in a negative or mean way. It’s just weird that no one at least sees why ppl like me are frustrated 

  11. 26 minutes ago, side_streets said:

    Something happened today. People might be subconsciously under the influence of that Pitchfork review.

    Year from now people will say how Madame X was terrible. 😂

    Nah that’s not happening with me. This album will have legs. Pitchfork even gave COADF a blah score. We all know their game.

    what really set me off was the Pride set list 

  12. And yes I’m ranting cuz it’s annoying. She finally released the best album in 14 years (maybe more!) and she’s treating it like a collection of b sides. I’ll get over it. But I’m not going to sit here and pretend it’s fabulous. We will see what happens. I guess not listening to Guy has its pros and cons.

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