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  1. She wasn't. Hence the edited YouTube clip and her thinly veiled, defiant hashtags and posts in the days following the perf. If she is cooking up something really cutting edge and unique for pride that somehow manages to dress up the dreadful American Life into something powerful and alluring then fine. But like @GOD likes to say, you can't polish a turd. Being stubborn and doubling down on decisions that put your performing ability in doubt may make Madonna seem like a STRONG INDEPENDENT UNCOMPROMISING ARTISTE but it doesn't always make for quality viewing. Other Americans have
  2. Maybe she'll fly over here after her concerts.
  3. *insert Vegas cliche metaphor about gambling* Lol hustling is a great word. I’m in university out here. Hustling for 2 bachelors degrees.
  4. Trust me, I understand now (re: Europe, Madonna, Eurovision).
  5. God, the fallacies in here are hilarious. IF you object to a setlist and provide your reasoning for it, you automatically branded as this flailing faggot who will only be satisfied to hear 5 Hung Up's in a row capped off by the Sphinx Medellin version. We all know that's not true. But that's your only refutation and I get it, you gotta stick to it. But it's really not that simple boo.
  6. This part of her career I blame on Madonna's management. Madonna is an artist, leader, and a creator, she is not a day-to-day manager. She's got too much on her plate, so she trusts that her management is doing well by her. But nope! They manage her like she's Bebe Rexha or something. She's the biggest female pop star in history. Her catalogue (and current album) is a sophisticated one, SO ACT LIKE IT. I don't know why she's going on stupid shows like Grahama Norton or Fallon in the first place (let's be real, Fallon is kind of a phony). I can't even remember the last time that Beyonce did an
  7. Honestly sometimes I wish she just went the visual album route, did no promo, and just went on tour. We'd be living off the fumes of a MADONNA VISUAL ALBUM for god knows how long, and the tour would be the most exciting thing for us since 2012. We wouldn't be having these ludicrous conversations.
  8. Interesting. well, that has its advantages and disadvantages.
  9. Lol it’s ok. At least I know I’m not missing anything.
  10. Ugh I am so mad I will be at work while she's on Fallon.
  11. Yep. That big dissertation about gay pride from @Raider of the lost Ark is like ok great - let's make the performance both activist in nature and also uplifting. He maintains she's aiming for deeper meaning. Why not go for the most political song on the album? God Control. It hits every mark. Lyrically, it's incredible. Future can be on the setlist too as a bookend - clearly she loves it. Fine. I am not opposed to it being in the mix. But American Life is a lurch into incompetence for me. Why that song? I'm not saying Madonna's career is over or that I hate her. I just want to understand
  12. I think Future is great. I just have opinions on it being her song of choice for big performances. Especially after having heard the masterpiece that is this album. But that's for another currently ongoing thread. Future gets love from me.
  13. Lol that would be so fucking amazing. Amazing enough to perhaps make the stupider setlist choices moot.
  14. Express Yourself God Control Crave I Don't Search/Vogue mashup. I Rise (I'm fine with it being on the setlist). My ideal sitch.
  15. Definitely agree with this. Also, I'm really bracing myself for God Control.
  16. Awwww! Fuck it! awww! Fuck it! I DRIVE MA MINI COOPA AND I'M FEELING SUPA DUPA *running outta breath*
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