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  1. Just now, FreeMySoul said:

    I love when her people interject and shut him down and the look she gave him even with one eye is killer. She’s obviously aware of the criticisms of that performance but she is tough and stands by it. 

    Yes I agree. I know she stands by it from an artistic viewpoint. But hopefully she knows she can and NEEDS to do better next time in the vocal department. 

  2. 15 minutes ago, Andra said:

    Jesus Christ...the look she gave literally sent shivers down my spine. Like i wasn't even there and i almost shit myself.

    She's obviously not honest with herself or anyone else. If she doesn't want to talk about it then she should just forbid those kind of questions.

    Good interview by the way.

     I think the opposite - I think she was willing to have that conversation before her management intervened. Maybe not willing enough to override them.. But she was ready for him to own what he was asking- ("you're going to have to be more specific.") which he decidedly was not doingHe was weakly beating around the bush with very coded language - and he should have just asked her "There was lots of talk after the performance about the quality of your voice, how do you feel you did that night vocally" etc. Instead he crawled right into her trap and chickened out of flatly asking her and instead the net result was zero for him and 1 for Madonna for calling his bluff.

    There's no defending her Eurovision vox. She knows she did poorly. Hence the edited YouTube clip and her defiant Instagram posts afterwards. She's aware, and I am sure she heard playback. It's up to her to make her next vocal performance a big turnaround. Let's see if she learns from mistakes. If she doesn't, girl is clearly not wrapped too tight. Hope that's not the case. 

    For that reason, I really feel like it's just best for everyone if she never talks about Eurovision again. To the extent our European forum members have given us a window into: it basically decimated her performing clout over there. Why remind everyone? 

  3. 2 hours ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    I wouldn't go that far but I do think it will be different going forward. She will not be contractually obligated to Live Nation or Interscope and I don't see her signing a big deal like that again. So, she may focus more on things, like directing. And then later on, she can still release albums or EPs independently.

    Well that’s basically exactly what I was getting at lol


    Just now, Shane said:

    Omg.  I was thinking just the opposite!  I feel the good reviews and fan response mean a lot to her, but more importantly that she feels creatively energized.  I was actually thinking maybe we wouldn’t wait as long for M15.

    Of course, so could be projecting and you could very well be right, but I hope not!  

    There is no experience like the release of a new Madonna album, and I hope to live through several more.

    Lots of rumors of there being another collection of songs coming out (like a chapter II to Madame X), so that wouldn’t surprise me. But after this era, I feel like Madonna will shed her skin in a way. I think a lot of pop stars are doing this btw, not just her. Rihanna and Beyonce are 25-30 or so years younger than Madonna but they’re not releasing music with the same formulaic label approach anymore either. 

    Pop stars and actors are kind of freelancing their creativity now. The music and movie industries are kind of going tits up. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Monsieur X said:

    I think there's a longer term push for the album this time. The mini residencies will also help keep her profile high. I hope there will be a digital release of the videos/Lisbon journey and also maybe a DVD. I am sure they want to see the album in the charts when the tour hits, which may be a tall order. 


    Oh well she's definitely made a splash though with the album even if not No. 1 in 40 countries or whatever. And she has some of her best recent reviews.


    She is being creative and imaginative and after the last 2 eras (MDNA = all creative capital went to the tour [no complaints there], RH = well, check out the Mojo interview), I am really fucking relieved.

    There was a point in 2015 when a fellow fan that I know "IRL" had just watched the Bitch I'm Madonna video, sighed, looked down, and was like "she just doesn't have much left in her." And that really hit me straight in the heart cuz I kind of felt the same way. I was beginning to just let go tbh. So needless to say, I'm really happy she proved me wrong with this album. Couldn't ask for a more inspirational moment. 

  6. 12 minutes ago, Monsieur X said:

    Because those artists' fanbases are not interested in Madonna and also because there is no such thing as a loyal 'fanbase' in the day and age of streaming and 'easy come easy go'. A 12 year old Maluma fan who fancies him won't want to see him with a 60 year old woman - sorry. She'll save herself that 'click' and instead watch a video of him solo.


    Sad but true. But also who cares. She's still our Madonna.


    I think a lot of fans just need to come to grips that it's never going to be 2005-2008 again. Or even 2012 again! Things have changed SUPER fast. 

    The culture and times have shifted and that means virtually zero room for Madonna to remain relevant in the way a lot of these pop acts are. But it should not matter. Madonna is still proving herself as a creative, curious woman at 60 and that's real progress. This time will be looked back on with admiration and appreciation for her boldness. Trust me, she is cementing  herself as an American legend right before our eyes, we are just caught up in the stupid details.

    Madonna is pretty much the last of the superstars.People don't really handle their idols aging very well. I mean, it's even been hard for me! Not for any reason other than grappling with the fact that life is short. Young people will appreciate Madonna once its cool to, the way someone like me appreciates Bette Davis or Marilyn Monroe. I yearn for stars like them. But the fact is, those women were treated like SHIT once they started getting up there in age. Marilyn didn't even make it to 40. Bette Davis was constantly trotted out on chat shows to joke about the fact that she was old and reminisce about the old days. She was like a trinket. Now she's basically hailed as the best American actress in history. Sad but we know how this works.

  7. 7 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Molly is not quite the same after the dreadful fall that almost killed him years ago.    Miss seeing Madonna with Molly but I don't think Molly is up to doing interviews anymore.  Her interaction and love for Molly at the Melbourne Rebel Heart concert was just so touching and one of the best moments ever at a concert imaginable.  Everyone was in tears.  Molly is a national treasure.  He loves Madonna so much - even before she was famous - he promoted her all the time and knew she was going to be a star. 


  8. My relationship with this song is strange because I feel like when I first heard it, I did not even bother to sit down and listen to it properly - I just noticed the amazing singing and grand production but I didn't really listen hard enough to the words in this song. Each listen kept bringing me closer into the song though and now it battles for my top spot. 

    What an incredible ballad. I mean, this is classic Madonna. Been so long since we've heard something like this. There are multiple serviceable ballads on Rebel Heart but they're nothing like this. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Kurt420 said:

    And Twitter would've been in absolute tears after that Arsenio '92 appearance. Madonna was every bit the unapologetic superstar that night and was at her peak cheeky, sarcastic, flirty self.....well once the ADORING crowd finally let her speak that is. Never have I seen an audience react to a celeb the way that crowd reacted to her. That in itself would've shook Twitter. Their faves then AND now could never. Madonna comes from the "old school" of celebs that have actual PERSONALITIES of their own. Unlike now, where people fangirl over the likes of those that are about as exciting as vanilla ice cream. 


  10. Ppl are so weird. It's like they're just now waking up to the fact that Madonna is a sassy, cheeky, flirtatious...bitch! She's always been that way. I mean my god, watch Arsenio Hall. What was that, 1992? With Rosie? She really hasn't changed much.

    Twitter is full of people who cry after they masturbate. 

  11. 1 minute ago, peter said:

    And Michelle calls Beyoncé “queen” so ... 

    Not trying to get into stupid stan stuff, but it’s pretty clear there’s not any love there. Not being expressed as it is for others, anyway, so... Oh well. 

    Madonna is like Prince at this point. An icon, but a subversive one. I don’t take any of it personally tbh

  12. 7 minutes ago, rayofgod said:

    I hope these posts aren’t for the actual video... I mean.. if there’s any song on Madame X designed to be shot in a hot/sunny/vibrant location it’s Faz Gostoso

    I’d rather it not have a music video than another Crave situation with an impromptu  empty studio-set music video. That location doesn’t suit the song at all

    lol calm down. She's just serving looks and getting her social media on. She's not shooting a video :rotfl:

  13. Just now, boy skeffington said:

    Lol you caught me I hate my phone. 

    “Fuck Around and Find Out” is my new motto for this era. 

    I don’t know you but I want you to enjoy her more...she’s here for our joy. I say that with love! 

    Oh trust me I'm enjoying her. Madame X is the kind of classic album that'll give me memories for years to come. I just want her to stop blowing what are basically layups for her. She can do it. She already shut me up when it comes to the music, I want her to shut me up with the perfs now. 

  14. 3 minutes ago, vertigokane said:

    She just put this up with the same Anitta hashtag 🤔

    She really has me wrapped around her finger :lol: I get pissed at her for something and then she just does a few poses to Vogue and I'm in love all over again.

    I really hope the Anitta hashtags are there for a reason. I want her to move past Future and I Rise  and give us the real meat and potatoes of Madame X. 

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