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  1. 1 minute ago, Dany Targaryen said:

    Didn't LAV only get two videos?(not couting the live ones)

    Sometimes it's about internal politics, who knows what went on. Frankly, I don't wanna cry over spoiled milk, it distracts from the now.

    Well of course.

    I think it's relevant to bring up comparisons to past album cycles. We are all used to certain patterns from Madonna since the American Life era. Madame X has blown all of that up, in a good way. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Steve said:

    Visuals way ahead of get together, jump videos by light years. 

    Absolutely - and with strong music videos, the music begins to sound better too. Confessions was weakened as an era by Madonna's unwillingness to make decent music videos. Hung Up is of course hall-of-fame brilliant. But Sorry, Get Together, and Jump? WASTED OPPORTUNITIES. It was one thing to do that with Hard Candy, but Confessions was begging for videos like the ones we see now.

    Madame X is the one. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Urien said:

    I don't think it is pretentious in this case. She - The most successful female artist of all time, and more importantly a mother of 6 children - clearly gives no shits and is using her platform for good.

    To the point that the song itself was butchered by the violence it is attempting to highlight. God Control (Song) is a victim of Gun Violence ("Irony"- Madonna). This is the work of an artist at the peak of their powers, exemplifying a mastery over their craft. As I said earlier, when she said she is "over this pop star shit" on instagram, she definitely meant it in light of this video. I'm so proud of her and her heart, it's all in this album. All in. <3333333

    Yeah I agree. 

    Madonna has fallen into the pretentious trap on multiple occasions - the grand king of pretense being the stupid American Life video (personally will never understand why fans think that video is amazing... it's Madonna and Jonas at their most cluttered and overwrought) 

    But God Control is not that video. It's the work of 2 people at an artistic zenith. I'm very proud. 

  4. Just now, headonfire said:

    OMG, this is gonna be so good! I can't believe it's coming out tomorrow already. I seriously hope she performs this at Pride over the weekend... It would be the perfect occasion to premiere the first live performance of the song.

    Same. I’m absolutely not holding my breath though 

  5. I am too lazy to pull it up - but the perfect  example of a junket journalist GOING THERE is when some European journalist (Bedtime Stories era) flat out asked Madonna about her alleged abortions. Just flat out asked. It caught Madonna off guard but she answered the question with a (surprisingly gentle) "I don't think that's necessary to discuss with you. Why do you want to know?" which is the perfect example of a non-denial denial. 

    Now, I absolutely think it was horrible of that journalist to ask Madonna about something so incredibly private. But the reaction was not a sudden shuffle and scramble to get the woman outta the room, Madonna answered the question with vague language but still told us quite a bit with her answer and did so pretty calmly.

    Imagine if this guy just flat out did that. Maybe we'd have gotten somewhere. Instead he played games. Madonna did what she always does - she checkmates out of the question. He shouldn't have given her room! 

  6. Just now, Jazzy Jan said:

    Don't feel less of it Bill. Music for any individual is how they themselves as the listener feel about it.  We can only thank Madonna for making music that reaches us and gives us joy. 

    Looking for  Mercy has completely captivated and emotionally reached me and is my favourite song of any song from the past 4 years. It was not even on the standard edition. Does not effect my absolute love for it. 

    Don't let anything change your authentic wonderful love for music or songs you love.  


    Well put.

  7. 3 hours ago, zephyralexxx said:

    Amazing interview. What a great read and what a kinda sad feeling I had when I read that she was reluctant making albums in the last decade. I felt this a lot, but now we have her confirmation. The next decade will be even more harder for us, especially, I just wish to be inspired and still making music in one way or another. About her directing projects, almost no one will really care, except if they are at least as good as W.E. 

    It’s hard.

    but I do want Madonna to be true to herself. If she’s not inspired to make music, I don’t want her to do it. If she really wants to get better at filmmaking, I want her to try. It sounds corny but I just want the woman to enjoy herself. 

    Madame X is a stunning moment in more ways than 1. It demonstrates her talents and instincts in a way that we haven’t heard in many years. If it’s one of her last musical statements, well I could not be more proud.

  8. 2 minutes ago, jamesshot said:

    She does herself no favors when she reacts the way she does. When she is on the circuit for movies, she generally is on her best behavior. Not so for her music so she can be on her best behavior. I'm sure everyone is tired but there is no need for her to react or act the way she does. If she had an issue with him prior, she should have brung it up. She is her own worst enemy sometimes IMO.

    Cmon. We’ve seen way, way worse from her.

  9. 2 minutes ago, acko said:

    'There was discussion' :rotfl:

    I mean what the fuck? Madonna hates shit like that. I don’t blame her.

    Again, Matt Lauer is a creep, but watch his interviews with Madonna. He doesn’t hold back.

    ”do you think you can act?”

    ”the NYTimes said you’re irrelevant, do you agree?”

    ”can you be a pop star with a buttoned up image?”


    he was the only 1 willing to go there.  


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