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  1. 10 minutes ago, headonfire said:

    Yes, Madonna is a complete different league, and completely above all the others. No one is doing what she is doing, and no one is using their work within pop culture with the same political and cultural intent as Madonna. This has been a staple in Madonna's career, and will forever set her apart.

    One thing we cannot let happen is let a couple of articles from TMZ and other similar tabloids drive the conversation, and bring down the significance of this video, and its message.


    As usual this fanbase zeroes in on negativity and the side effect of that is that the negativity gets louder. MAYBE if we took a page out of Madonna's book and just try to rise above, enjoy the ride, and thank god that we "get her," maybe Madonna's "scandals" would have half the life that they do. 

    take it from me. I thought this video was going to cross the line into exploitation and tackiness - a fear that a lot of fans may have had, but especially me, since I have a personal connection to the events at Pulse 3 years ago. Then she releases the video and it's not only incredibly moving, but the media finally accepts that she's made a bold, real statement and talks about it as such. For the first time in god knows how long, the headlines are pretty positive. Go figure. And yet? Here we are discussing some Twitter troll and whining about Ariana Grande not saying something about it. We are ridiculous. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, jonski43 said:

    This looks super sexy! I'm getting excited and let's hope future is going back to the past 😂

    Lol for real.

    I’m happy to hear that there have been changes but I’m still keeping my expectations low for the setlist. Though an addition like God Control would be a game changer. We will see.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Leebf said:

    Fuck off @Samo you twat. I am so glad i live in Australia where we took action and introduced tough gun laws after a massacre. Whilst certain people can legally own guns like security armour guards, police and farm people i feel totally safe that i can go about my life and not have to worry about gun violence. Yes it may occur due to illegal guns or people  with legal guns going crazy but i am very happy to live in a country where buying fire arms  is very restrictive. At least i know if some one  is crazy or mad or angry they can't in the heat of the moment lose their shit grab a gun and shoot up a place out of anger.


    I am a very proud American - I do not apologize for my own pride in my (very imperfect) country. But right now, I have many reasons to be embarrassed. More Americans need to hear language like this from Europeans and the rest of our allies. Our country is going through a painful "death by a thousand cuts" government lead by the orange turd with Alzheimers (Trump), and the guns issue seems more stark now than it ever has. Some people in the USA seem to think this is a civilized way of living. People like @Samo give them latitude to spew their poison with his ludicrous and fallacious arguments. 

  4. 7 minutes ago, tasteinmen said:

    She said she woke up, is that not enough?

    No it's not. Not for self-loathing Americans who were raised or hav been surrounded by flailing conservative propaganda. I know all about these people. The death of the conservative movement is causing short circuiting all over the west. That's how we got Brexit and Trump. Logic flies out the window, it's all grievance for these people now. 

  5. Just now, Samo said:

    Yes but that's what guns SHOULD be used for, protection, I'm 100% for strict gun control laws and the outright BANNING of assault weapons and semi automatics but, many US cities have good gun control laws and guess what, homicide by ILLEGALLY purchased firearms is still sky high, most criminals get the guns illegally, so the laws end up being irrelevant


    If someone wants to kill you, they will, if not guns then knives , running you over with their car, or even bombs


    We need PEOPLE Control


    Which NRA executive is cutting your paychecks? And if the answer is none of them, how have you not sent in your resume to them yet?

  6. 5 minutes ago, Samo said:

    Her guards are armed and one saved her life by shooting that intruder, in the butt, in 1995 after he broke into one if her mansions to kill her


    Was she playing a character when she was killing innocent animals for sport?


    It seems the extreme far left has turned moderate open minded liberals into SHEEP who don't ask questions, they just go along with the narrative

    Ok let us all accept your premise (though let me make it clear, I DO NOT) that Madonna has been a complicit gun promoter in the past and (according to you, this is YOUR implication not mine) - she has overlooked the suffering of other human beings in favor of her own artistic statements.

    You're saying that this excludes her from (AT THE BARE MINIMUM) changing her tune and realizing that guns are a gravely serious issue in the United States and using her massive influence to speak on it?

    Is that what you're saying here? I am trying to understand YOUR argument. Because from the looks of it, it doesn't hold up no matter which way I slice it. Leading me to believe you're only on here to cause problems - OR - you're just a major dolt who has zero critical thinking skills. 

  7. 1 minute ago, Samo said:

    That's your response, when she's called out?

    Really dude?


    I usually hate when Madonna gets dragged by the media, because she is GENUINELY a good person with the best intentions but I do hope her fans ask questions about her previous history with guns and all the questions I asked above?


    It doesn't make sense

    I will tel you what doesn't make sense. - a damn Madonna fan who "ALL OF A SUDDEN" claims to not understand when the bitch is playing a character or acting out emotions through physical metaphors. She's been doing this ever since she gave a damn rosary a hand job on the Blond Ambition tour.

    You really sound either a) dumb as a rock or b) eager for trolling credit on a stupid internet message board. Either scenario is REALLY sad and I'd just checkmate out of this debate right now because there is no way you're going to win it on this message board right now. Save your laptop battery. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Samo said:

    I love the video but her hypocrisy is pretty crazy


    Her guards are ARMED, she used to kill pigeons for sport with GUNS while married to Guy Ritchie in the early 2000s, she has glamorized guns, as well as almost every rapper that she's worked with, herself many time.  Revolver... Gang Bang....


    And what bitch? Should Nicole Kidman atone for her sins too? Should Angelina Jolie? What about Clint Eastwood.

    Have a fucking seat honey. This is art. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    btw, just so we're clear.. im in Europe 🙂 anyway, let's hope the message doesn't go unnoticed.


    And keep in mind, I said Americas, which include central and South America. Not USA necessarily, although this video will be looked at as a pivotal piece of art for awhile here in the USA. If not immediately, DEFINITELY in retrospect. You can quote me. 

  10. Just now, KalamazooJay said:

    I’m beyond proud of Madonna for this. While Taylor’s using drag queens for her own gain and cheap, shameless self promotion, Madonna is featuring drag queens to make an actual statement. And a profound one at that. This is what artists do. Not mere pop stars. 

    I was thinking about going here but I'm sure everyone is sick of my Taylor Swift hate.

    But yes. I obviously agree. I'm sick of ppl slapping a rainbow on various items and articles of clothing and featuring gay celebrities in videos to get goodwill. 

    Madonna walks the walk. 

  11. 7 hours ago, acko said:

    No he deliberately used that word to stay on the surface and avoid a dreaded accusatory phrasing starting with 'You'.. But The Demonna saw through it as if he were bathing in windex and made his testicles undescend and that was that... The bitch reporter decided to talk about the Dutch winner instead when asked to specify his question... Cuz what? 'TIMES UP'. Oh. or in this case saved by the bell. 


    Come on guys. This guy is not stupid. Look at his interview with her in 2005 :rotfl:this is his shtick. Trying to make famous ppl look bad. But it's hard to do that when you literally have no balls. He flopped. Plain and simple. Once again homegirl got the last laugh. 

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