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  1. Another night of Madonna totally taking over New York. Everyone who was at the show, come post!
  2. Just got a call from Slyguy and he said that Lenny Kravitz is RIGHT in front of him tonight Lenny must be a FAN! Hector has taken a bunch of pics that he will post later on. Lucy Liu is also there, he should have pics of her also. Yeahhhh!!!
  3. Another amazing night. It was great meeting you guys by the way (Slyguy, HG, and TheBigHam)! I had a great time and the food was DAMN GOOD.
  4. The show was fucking phenomenal. UNBELIEVABLE. It amazes me how she keeps raising the bar with her tours. This easily kicks Reinvention's ass - and I adore that show. I was awestruck the whole time. There was a RIDICULOUS hick husband below me who was dragged to the show by his wife. He kept complaining about the heat and he sat down for most of the show. He was like 7 ft and annoying. I was clapping and dancing everywhere, sweat flying off of my body and trying to yell with my painfully hoarse voice and he just sat there like the party-pooper non fan that he was, complaining and constantly
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