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  1. 1 hour ago, MrK1ngB33 said:

    In my opinion Faz Gustoso and Bitch I’m loca are the highlights of the album.  Those who are not liking them are most likely the older Madonna fans who hated holy water and the iconic bitch I’m Madonna.  If your 70 I mean u can’t really get into these type of bangers - listen to extreme accident and have that Metamucil and stop bitching how they don’t fit. Obviously Madonna thinks they fit perfectly. Which they do ! 


    someone just did a bump or 2

  2. 2 hours ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    Um, the first thing I thought of when I saw that clip was the Pulse nightclub shooting. It was the worst mass shooting in US history. How could it not be compared? But I don't think this is a bad thing. People need to wake up. People forgot it happened and nothing changed. More mass shoots have happened since and no gun laws have changed. I say BRING IT ON! Fox News will have a field day with this but they did with American Life too. Madonna herself compared the Madame X album to American Life and she is well aware of the avalanche of hate she got from the general public and media over that. She does not give a shit. She's be fine.

    Ok so what are you arguing here. I said I think the nightclub setting is all the reference it needs. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, bardo said:

    i would add that the site was originally focused solely on indie-rock and was run by straight hipster guys. and i've never thought they were very good writers. the site historically looked down on pop music, with a few exceptions (you had to be "indie" or not be embraced by the mainstream - think robyn, lykke li, charli xcx). madonna was basically ignored for the first 10 years of the site's existence. they published "best of the 80s" and "best of the 90s" lists and aside from "like a virgin" they pretended she didn't exist. they started covering more pop around the time of hard candy, which of course was when it became cool to just shit on everything she did and they stepped up. since then they've been bought by conde nast (huge publisher in america) so they've started covering more mainstream stuff. so not covering madame x would be weird. they could surprise us. a 7/10 would be a big deal, but it wouldn't help her metacritic score.

     Yeah. Whatever they wanna do is whatever. I know what they think about her already. A nasty album review at this point would just be underscoring what I already know- bunch of uptight poorly endowed white men who don’t know what to make of her. Big deal. They’re everywhere 

  4. Just now, MadFan said:

    OMG! I am SHOOK.

    It's all very smart and meta isn't it? She'll be dancing to her own song about gun control and then (probably) get shot.

    Why shouldn't she reference Pulse? This is coming out at Pride. 50 people in a gay club were shot to death and America has done FUCK ALL about it. Needless to mention all the other daily mass shootings. No pussyfooting around here.

    You make a good point. 

    But it is definitely scary territory to be wading into. Speaking as someone who was living in Orlando at the time with my dad when Pulse happened (and subsequently stayed up 48 hours straight), it's definitely a traumatic memory for me. I wasn't even there and I still have trouble thinking about it. 3 ppl I knew were wounded, 1 person I knew died. It was bad. 

    So, idk. It's very complex. Mass shootings are one of the more embarrassing things about being American (there are probably 300 other embarrassing things), but it is also a very real thing. So this has to be done right, or it could just simply look like its lacking in taste.

    I err on the side of trusting Madonna.

  5. 7 minutes ago, erotica blu said:

    Madame X is high art in contrast to the three albums that came before it. I think my fondness for American Life intensified because Madonna was committed to being fun for the sake of fun since the divorce really left her publicly vulnerable. All the press constantly attacking her age and no one in the mainstream articulating a defense on her behalf. Madame X for several represents a reset for Madonna. She's better than so many musical starlets that came right after her who are sometimes thought of as her peers. Mariah/Janet for the living examples.

    Well put.

    its not about trashing her past works. But to ignore the chasm between Madame X and albums like the last 3 is to be dishonest about Madonna’s work. It’s not that they were horrible albums. But in Hard Candy’s case, she seemed to be in a place where being conservative was the experiment. It mostly worked. Fine. 

    But then it kinda continued. MDNA felt like a distracted album. I enjoyed it, but there was something distant about it.

    rebel heart was a frantic era and frantic album. Nothing really worked for me. (This is all my opinion I have to remind you). The songwriting camp syndrome is illustrated so well on the album. I know fans enjoy it, but there was something awkward about that album for me. It felt like Madonna trying to wade through a bunch of other ppl’s styles and input and she got lost in the mix. 

    So listening to Madame X is an incredible shock after those 3. It just is.

  6. Just now, micco said:

    Not really. The British magazines, NME, Q, Mojo, Uncut etc. used to be leaders in providing music journalism to Europe. But today cultural media in Europe is more connected to each country. And I don't think (speculating of course) that the younger generations reads that much music reviews to be honest. It used to be the way to discover new music.

    Same applies here

  7. 2 minutes ago, micco said:

    Please tell me more about this Pitchfork outlet. I know they exist, that they review music and that people on this forum have a relationship with Pf that ranges from anger to fear. I have never read Pitchfork, why are they so important? Are they a powerful voice in music journalism? Please educate me.

    The easiest way to describe Pitchfork is that it's a pretentious, self-serving hipster music blog that somehow caught on and became one of the more prestigious outlets for album reviews. They've become important enough to launch careers. The ego of that website and the people on it is something to behold. They get off on being hailed as the most discerning eyes in music.

    Most intelligent people see right through them. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    I wonder what people thought of the American life video at the time? I just remember the anger reading in a topic that said "madonna pulled the American life video" (and I kept thinking "what does 'pulled' mean"? :p)

    But did people love it at the time? I remember they showed it on canvas/pretty big "serious" main tv channel here. in full. on a serious politics show. even after they took it back that channel was still showing repeats during the night over and over again which was pretty funny.

    At the time (I admit I was only 16 years old), she seemed like she got more backlash for yanking the video than for the actual video itself. I distinctly remember her having to constantly go on the defensive for that choice. People were used to far more boldness from her, and there was confusion about why she backed off. The video went through a million edits.

    Madonna had cold feet. She was very different back then. And very married. We've seen what has happened since. 

  9. Just now, Dr Lecter said:

    Brave. She’s going there . Someone has too. 


    Who cares what the usual suspects like Piers and co say 

    Yeah for real. She could literally vanish into thin air and that fat fuck would still have something nasty to say about it

    I don't care what celibate ugly middle aged white men have to say about Madonna. I think what bugs me more are the stupid young gay Stans that weaponize every word she says. Hate them too. 

  10. 7 hours ago, acko said:

    I really don't know what 2 say after this weekend.

    Except: I rate Madame X 9.5/10

    It's a very brave album in the way that Erotica was, and I already feel connected to it
    in the same way, except i'm no longer a teenager :chuckle:

    It's an absolute career highlight and not her best since whatever... .

    I'm still quite shocked actually.


    Yep. Exactly how I feel

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