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  1. I can't believe she essentially ignores the Erotica on this tour's set list. Bad Girl Bye Bye Baby Fever Deeper and Deeper Secret Garden / Falling Free (Smash-Up)?
  2. I hope Candy Shop makes the final cut. I find it hilarious the only song from HC I would want performed on any subsequent tours reappears as Madonna's favorite.
  3. MDNA Setlist [SPOILERS]

    Disappointed I won't be able to attend. I can't afford to. The Aggression segment seems the most promising. At least S&S indulged in my kink!
  4. MDNA Setlist [SPOILERS]

    The microphone housed in the cross looks like a penis.
  5. MDNA Setlist [SPOILERS]

    Everythaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang that I gooooooot: sticky and sweet.
  6. MDNA Setlist [SPOILERS]

    I can't believe you were blind to NKM. Wait I forgive you since a lot of people are blind to the genius of the AL album.
  7. MDNA Setlist [SPOILERS]

    Prince is a musician. Madonna's a showman. Prince does it because he can.
  8. MDNA Setlist [SPOILERS]

    The absence of Erotica is the real story if this set list is accurate? Not surprised by the inclusion of Candy Shop. You don't like it but Madonna obviously does. It's the new "La Isla Bonita"!
  9. MDNA Setlist [SPOILERS]

    It's only as good as the album that inspired it.
  10. New Tour Setlist (reports from rehearsals - SPOILERS)

    UR writing style iz unique 2 say the least.
  11. Azealia Banks

    I miss Esther.
  12. Azealia Banks

    Baby that was the point I was making at the misspelling of this new artist's name for their official thread. You laughed at me for wanting the correction—so I used my next post to be an example of the why. Albums used to be eight or nine songs deep hence the preference to run tracks longer than a radio edit.
  13. Azealia Banks

    What's your favorite Mdonna album?
  14. Azealia Banks

    Could you go into full edit and add the missing a from her name please?
  15. Only die hard fans think along those lines. The public may not have the money to splurge on a luxury item as a new Madonna concert.
  16. Tour Stage set-up

    Interesting that she's decided to retire the catwalk for this tour. If true of course having a theater-in-the-round setup.
  17. Kisses you down below.

  18. South America Tour Dates

    I'd really like my Australian brethren to get their chance to see her. She's super in love with South America. Go further down under Madonna.
  19. Jamie King?

    How many fucking names does this man have? William "Norman" Charlemoine - Williams "Shy" Norman — He really is juicy I wonder if he's one of us?
  20. Tour will visit NYC Madison Square Garden!

    Her official site is stuck in the Hard Candy era.
  21. New Tour Setlist (reports from rehearsals - SPOILERS)

    I thought she said under two hours?
  22. New Tour Setlist (reports from rehearsals - SPOILERS)

    She's a rapper now. I Don't Give A says so.