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  1. I think so too; one of the rings in her IG video has the moon depicted ...
  2. She’s shooting the music video today, just confirmed on her IG story
  3. Do you keep journals? Do you write poetry that no one reads? Yeah, both. Actually, one of my assistants just found one of my journals from 1991. I'm complaining the same way about not being able to sleep in 1991 as I am right now. Like, some things never change.So that was, in a way, reassuring. You were saying the same thing in the Eighties. When did the insomnia start? Unconsciously, probably when my mother died. And sleep's never been an easy thing for me.
  4. There was a dance teacher in high school, Christopher Flynn, who was very important in your life. Was he anything like (J.K Simmons' character in "Whiplash"). Oh, yeah. He was brutal. He was ruthless, and he walked around with a stick and he hit you with it. He would say kind of outrageous things: "Don't come to my room and stand like that. Get out of here." He would not tolerate laziness or complaining. He did a lot of things like that guy in the movie. But when you did something right, he did feed you compliments, once in a while. He's the one who said to me, "You have to get out of this pl
  5. Do you still enjoy provocation? Even now? Um, yeah (laughs). Would you like me to provoke you? I mean, you're not asking that question because you don't know the answer, right? Well, there was a time when you were talking as if you'd left that in the past. Really? Did I say that? I think there was probably a time when I was less provocative. That's when I was married. Yeah. I didn't make that linkage. Yeah, make that linkage (laughs). What was it about that marriage that made you feel that way? Well, I don't think my ex-husband approved of it. Or maybe he didn't understand it. I do
  6. Do you think about mortality? In some respects I will never die. Because art is immortal. What we leave behind and what we create - the energy that we put out into the world is eternal. The physical body is assembled just like a chair or a building or a flower, but the revolutions we start, the people we affect and inspire, that is eternal. So, in that respect, we do achieve immortality, and that makes me less fearful.
  7. Hey, I posted the article on tumblr x https://www.tumblr.com/blog/hysteriaatthedanceteria
  8. Just downloaded too! Let's get True Blue Top 10!
  9. We're assuming what she posts on Instagram is in the moment. She may sit on some pics for months and tease them when she sees fit.
  10. It's interesting and more telling that the mainstream media assume that "gay" is automatically a derogatory term. Much ado about nothing.
  11. http://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/nov/25/box-set-christmas-music-industry Dan Chalmers from Rino UK quoted in this interesting piece in the Guardian Looking across the range of box sets in the market, they betray something of a bias towards rock music. Will other genres, like pop, ever get the same treatment? "I think Madonna's True Blue would work brilliantly," Chalmers says. "We are talking to Madonna and her reps about various product plans – but a record like that would work perfectly. I don't think it's limited to specific audiences."
  12. My copy came from Amazon UK and it's perfect. There's a certain level of grain but no different to a lot of films on Blu Ray played in 24p - it looks intentional. The 5:1 mix is awesome too. The photographs posted are definitely (and unfortunately) of defective discs.
  13. "My floors all wet. I guess it time to play ... washerwoman"
  14. http://www.interviewmagazine.com/music/madonna/ VAN SANT: You've done a lot of work with Jeffrey Sachs already, haven't you? MADONNA: Yeah. We've been supporting each other for years now. I've worked on some Millennium Villages with him. We have two Millennium Village sites in Malawi, and they're both doing very well. He's an incredible human being. VAN SANT: I've never met him, but I've heard he's very charismatic. MADONNA: He's extremely charismatic. Very well-spoken and charming. He's one of the few people I know who talks the talk and also walks the walk. He thinks very big. VAN SANT:
  15. Next up, there are five remixes lifted directly from The Immaculate Collection. * BORDERLINE (1990) (Q Sound Mix) * LIKE A VIRGIN (1990) (Q Sound Mix) * CRAZY FOR YOU (1990) (Q Sound Mix) * OPEN YOUR HEART (1990) (Q Sound Mix) Taken from the original post. I just got this off of iTunes (UK) and NONE of the above are lifted directly from The Immaculate Collection / Q Sound Mix. I personally LOVE the album x x x
  16. I LOVE it!! The chorus is KILLER. Mark Romanek video epic pleeease!! Does anyone have another download option than MegaUpload please?? x x x
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