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  1. So so beautiful, chilled, melancholic ... puts me in mind of Guilty By Association for some reason. Love her voice, especially when she sings, “You know I just can't change, this is how I'm made” Love Swae Lee (his backing vocals make me swoon.) “Ran so far to try to find the thing I let and there it was inside of meRan and ran and ran so fast, a thing to last and there it was, I hear you breathe” Perfection.
  2. The version played on Radio 2 this morning comes in at 3’06, the Radio Edit is 3’51 and ends after the full “one two cha cha cha” breakdown “aye aye aye” which leaves 0’45 seconds of the radio edit and 1’40 of the album / single version left. The last chorus to the final “aye aye aye” is 0’45 long but that omits the final verse, bridge and “one two cha cha cha”. It’s likely they’ll edit the outro but I don’t know what else. The only difference I noticed today is the second “let’s take a trip / I’d be so good for you” is edited down to one rep instead of 2. Apologies if that radio e
  3. Medellín is Madonna’s first entry on the UK Official Trending Chart at No.19
  4. Medellín is Madonna’s first entry on the UK Official Trending Chart at No. 19
  5. Originally from billboard https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/latin/8507753/madonna-maluma-medellin-english-lyric-translation Sorry if it’s already been posted
  6. I like this from nme translating the lyrics https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nme.com/news/music/madonna-medellin-lyric-translate-2478545/amp
  7. Worldwide premier on Beats 1 radio and then presumably all streaming / digital platforms straight after
  8. 3,338,479 views and counting of all posts from yesterday across IG, twitter and YouTube
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