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  1. "Best Night" sounds like a Timbaland production.....anyone agree? It reminds me of those songs he used to produce for Aaliyah and it has a mid-90s feel to it.
  2. that Gay Times review is ridiculous.Those guys have no sense of humor!! They criticize "Holy Water" and "Bitch,I'm Madonna"...two of the wildest,most fun tracks.Why are they so prudish??
  3. I agree.The demos are fun to listen to,but I consider them to be a "work in progress".The final versions are the versions that Madonna wants us to hear,so that's what I focus on.
  4. I love the Pharrell tracks,especially "Take A Day".That song has a certain charm to it.
  5. I love "Take A Day"!! That song is brilliant.I really wish it was on the album.One of the strongest tracks that Pharrell ever produced for Madonna.
  6. Madonna needs to be with a record company that does more than just distribute her albums.After this era ends,she may wanna re-work the deal or go elsewhere.
  7. I can't see why so many fans don't like "Beautiful Scars" (album version).I think it's wonderful! It's a sleek,infectious disco number....a softer,yet just as effective,sound than most of the other uptempo tracks.I love it.
  8. I totally agree.I wish she would go on the chat shows and do some acoustic performances of songs like "Ghosttown" and "Joan Of Ark".I think the general public would be surprised to see her in a setting like that....no props,no dancers,no controversy.....just Madonna and her *music*.
  9. Yeah,I'd like to see her do more appearances/performances in the US.The Grammy performance was awesome,but let's keep it going!
  10. I do Pharrell always comes up with grooves that are infectious and fun.I love this track!
  11. omg,I love "Take It Back".Too bad it won't be on the album.I love when Madonna works with Pharrell....they make a great team!
  12. I'm pleased with the promo so far.I hope she does something big during the week that the CD is released.....maybe a few more high-profile TV appearances/performances.
  13. I love what "Beautiful Scars" evolved into.....a sleek,disco number.It's actually one of my Top 5 favorites on the album.
  14. I agree.I listened to the demos and it was interesting to hear these songs in their unfinished form,but the "final" versions are the ones I'm focusing on.They're the versions that matter....the versions that Madonna wants us to hear.I didn't wanna get too caught up in the demos.
  15. This is such a powerful song! I was driving around town today,playing this song really loud.I had a huge smile on my face The production just "grabs" you and won't let go.I'm hoping that Interscope/Live Nation has something big planned for this song.It would be a strong second single.
  16. I have no problem with digi-packs.I just hope there is a booklet with the lyrics and photos.
  17. "Ghosttown" is the type of song that would appeal to many listeners outside of Madonna's fanbase.Everyone loves a great ballad of substance,which "Ghosttown" certainly is.Also,do we really want *every* Madonna single to be an uptempo dance track? Why not try something different?
  18. I pre-ordered two copies of the US Super Deluxe Edition (one for me,one for my young nephew who loves Madonna) from Amazon and I'm thinking about buying a vinyl version,too. Oh yeah...I also pre-ordered the album from iTunes back in December,so there's my digital copy.
  19. I purchased all of the remixes (separately) on iTunes.Really liking these remixes.
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