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  1. I hope you're right, if Rhianna sang this song, seems like it would fit well with her voice, it would be the biggest song of the year.
  2. Hey fan from the beginning here, I was in HS when M started. GGW is good, not great IMO, reminds me of Kylie's CGYOMH.
  3. The video will be great no matter what she does. Just comparing her to others that did videos over fifty - Cher Believe (she had to play a maniquiun), Aretha - Knew you were waiting for me (she was only 45 but may as well have been sixty), and Tina in I don't want to fight anymore - she was in her mid fifties and looked like an old woman. Madonna is still breaking new ground, it may more woman/age related ground, but still significant. At this point her only rivals that may be able to do videos after fifty are Janet & Maria. But those two have really painted themselves into corners - Will Mariah radically change her perpetual "13" yo persona while having a 13 year old daughter? Will Janet continue the wispery then dominatrix switcharoo? Both seem unlikely.
  4. As someone who's been into videos since the beginning, I think "Bad Romance" from GaGa is pretty amazing. Probably the only new artist worthy of comparison to Madonna in almost 3 decades. Her imagery is surreal, but certainly she's got a message - look at the song, dealing with the rage and unresolved feelings of a poorly ended relationship. There's a lot going on there, and the images reflect those angry emotions pretty well, GaGa's is an up and coming video artist. If you consider the emphasis on appearance, beauty, etc. it says a lot for a young woman to be doing this. I can't imagine the resistance she's gotten early on to fit a mold (pretty, demure, etc.) in which to package her writing and vocals. Madonna is breaking other boundaries now, her biggest foe is ageism and her biggest gains are in touring and live shows, I doubt we'll see any more great videos from Madonna, they're too expensive with no pay off for her. GaGa on the other hand can develop her following as she nutures her creativity. Can't wait for what she comes up with next...
  5. I agree with you there, a number of the younger ones haven't faded, that's why I said "some haven't faded, but how long will it be"? I like GaGa, but how long will she be famous, its like Rhianna, will she have a career two years from now? GaGa is more creative than Rhianna, along the lines of Pink and Annie Lennox, and Pink has been able to hold on, but there are few exceptions.
  6. Questioning Madonna's relevance is a joke. As a fan from the beginning, I've always thought it was funny how she was written off for countless reasons, yet somehow she was always there doing something to make those people - who wanted her to go away - talk about her. My reaction to this discussion it simlpy to list a fraction of the stars (big and small) since the early 80s who have come and gone. Its easy to dismiss the "relevancy" of any of the acts (who all have been compared to M in some way - either style, sales, relevancy, etc.) but looking at their names and thinking how they had been "hot" at one point but simply faded away (some haven't faded yet, but how long will it be?) should demonstrate how unique M is in maintaining her popularity at an unprecedented level in this time frame ... how many are missing from the list? Micheal Jackson Prince Debbie Harry Van Halen Pat Benetar Bon Jovi Elton John Lisa Lisa Hall & Oates Natalie Cole Boyz to Men Rolling Stones Cher Belinda C. Bangles Talylor Dane Cindi Lauper Annie Lennox Janet Jodi Watley Tina Turner Whitney Paula Spice Girls Martika Lita Ford Mariah Wilson Phillips Celine En Vogue SWV New Kids on the Block Backstreet Boys NSYNC TLC JLo Destinys Child Britney Beyonce Nelly Furtado Justin T. Christina GaGa
  7. I think you're misreading her meaning in her ability to not recognize a hit. Notice that she only mentioned songs that became hits that she didn't expect to be hits, not the other way around. Based on her criteria, she makes hits out of good material and material that she doesn't think is up to snuff. I think she's got a good number of hits left in her ...
  8. I'm somewhat pleased to know it didn't make it to no. 1, its such a cringworthy song.
  9. I thought it did, but I could be wrong! Any fact gurus happen to know?
  10. Cher had the dreadful, "If I could turn back time" in the 80s, "Believe" in the 90s. Isn't she the artist with only four number ones, ironically, one a decade? Seems that nothing struck for her in the 00s.
  11. The song is catchy, certainly not one of her greats (or near greats!), I agree with those that said it sounds like Britney. Seems like this song should have been on the soundtrack to "Body of Evidence". Didn't they say her body was the weapon in that story?
  12. Thank you all for your welcoming reception. I'll try to weigh in a little more often, but, I must say that the variety of opinions present here generally already covers all the bases. One of the only things that I see differently, and not really discussed here, is the transition in themes that Madonna addresses in some of her music. Songs like Voices, Devil, & Nothing Fails especially speak to me in ways, now that I'm older, that I wouldn't have liked in my teens or 20s. Madonna still has lighter themed pop songs (ex. 4 minutes, which I didn't care for), but those don't really work. I don't really agree that its agism, but that lite/simple pop songs are more rightly voiced from the jubilance of youth. That sort of carefree naivete is almost insincere coming from a mature person. I think that's why JJ's music (too overtly sexually themed with an innocence/aggression duality) lost its resonnance the past few years, Britney too will surely slump in her mid 30s when she can no longer present herself that mold. For me, kind of growing up and middle aged with Madonna, I like it that she can create music that reflects experiences in my life - complexities of long term relationships, compromise & dissapointment, discovering happiness in unexpected places. But, in the act of doing so, she loses the younger audience. I guess concert production, not videos, is her new creative outlet to maintain some level of relevance.
  13. Hey guys, I don't post much but its great to read all of your views - I've been reading these since the "Dot" days and really miss Link, he was a riot. My view is somewhat different, I'm straight, married, 41, and been a Madonna fan since her debut in the 80s. I've noted a lot of disappointment with the song and video for the Celebration single. As a long time fan, I have to say that what I like about both is that Madge is doing what she's always done. She's a powerful woman in control of the scene - and its always a fun sexy scene. I was surprised and impressed at my first viewing of Celebration. When, in any culture, has a woman in her 50s presented a fit, sexy image in which she is clearly dominant to her sexy (and objectified - whose nipple is exposed for public dispaly, is this making fun of JJ's nipplegate?) male lover? Its a bold move just to attempt it, and she pulls it off. As I recall, Cher, Madonna's closest comparison, was reduced to a statue/mannequin in the Believe video (wasn't she in her early 50's then). What a difference! Madonna is something else. As an older fan, I still appreciate what she's doing, she's always breaking new ground. Number ones, hits etc, don't matter to me, I still enjoy the majority of what's she's been putting out.
  14. Hey guys, Kirsten Dunst might be a good candidate to play Madonna - I recall her in a pretty good redition of the DTM video several years ago ...
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