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  1. clearly the piece of paper she just threw over her shoulder being reflected in the mirror but funny none the less!
  2. Piss and Vinegar Whore of all Whores Reductive 101 Women Hands Teenage Lovers Black Widow Cougar Supreme Ice Queen Gaga...The gum under my heel. My Surgeon is Madame Tussaud Grandmother's Do it better
  3. i'd die for another don't tell me......give me something sexy yet mature that doesn't look like you are trying too hard to be young. Give me a good song and a good quality video with good dancing! The celebration video was an all time low sloppy mess for her.
  4. yes she is TRYING.....what I compare it to is how some gay men act there normal self around family and put them out at a gay club around a bunch other gay people and the show show begins. Saying the word "FIERCE" a hundred times and snapping all over the place and just playing up the queeny attitude. Its an ACT.....they are trying too hard to be seen in a certain way to their audience. Its the same thing.
  5. I am sad I even started to read this thread! Totally ruined the illusion and image I had of her in my head. Will NEVER read another blog of hers again! She will look back and cringe at this herself I'm sure. What is Madonna thinking? Dakota Fanning is 2 years older then lola but is WORLDS APART in maturity....but then again Dakota was always mature and sweet for her age. Lola is just trying too hard to be hip and cool and use the lingo of NOW. Its obvious just by the way she writes and dresses herself that she is VERY attention seeking. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
  6. umm lets get real. This video is a piece of shit. It looks like it the budget was 20$ and could have been shot in anyone's basement. There is no story, no props,no locations. Madonna humping the air and dancers and daughter. I am embaressed for her.......compare this to videos she made even at the very start of her career and its sad. Videos should get BETTER as you get older not worse. She seems like she was just really being super lazy.....just like how the jump video was. Sadly this video was even more lazy. Hate or love gaga .....if madonna doesn't start putting out some good QUALITY THOUGHT OUT videos soon then her status as the music video queen is going to be coming to an end!
  7. I didnt like it at first but over the years i've grown to love it. The theme can really turn some people off but the theme of this tour is stronger then any of her other tours. This tour by far is put together better then any other of her tours regardless if you liked the show or not. You can tell they just took more time to put it together. Everything flowed and worked well together. I love how she showcases her voice when playing the guitar in this tour. She really shows beautiful emotion with her voice. She really went for it with the dark theme and I find it very artistic. I mean i prefer madonna being sexy and having attitude like in the girle show but I can't deny that drowned world tour was very well done!
  8. well first off she has been recycling the same format since drowned world. Splitting the show into these segements. It just seems too the same to me now. She also has her couple guitar songs she always does. When she did her gig at roseland that was mostly all recycled into the tour. La isla bonita was taken from the live earth version. also she's not me was very let it will be at the end
  9. sticky and sweet a lot of recycled stuff.......i want to see everthing done NEW
  10. I think this is a bad idea .....I mean. first of all she is paying double what its really worth......only to rip the insides apart and pay millions more? What about safety? Someone could easily smash a window or shoot a bullet right into the house because its so close to ground level. What about the fans?....good luck ever looking out a window on the front of the house. Also there seems to be big buildings on both sides of the house....not much privacy for the back yard. At least at harperly hall she was up high.
  11. Her good friend since her early days Debbi....something....starts with a M I think....who has been in everal madonna videos......She was on the The View in the past 3 years I think it was and was asked if she liked working with Madonna and she said No......she said something like shes my friend but she is extremely particular and has to make everything perfect and it takes too long and its a lot of hard work......
  12. Please don't be an idiot......you can blindly follow whatever she does and never question her if you want to but not me! First of all I gave examples when SHE herself and her own daughter said things.....it wasn't made up from a tabloid!!!! Those were direct words from them! I already mentioned before that just because she is 50 doesn't mean she has to retire. Her bf's age actually does have some importance......it shows her judgment or lack of!!! A 50 year old with three kids should not be dating a 22 year old regardless of gender!!
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