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  1. I'm such a flop fan. I keep seeing people referencing a teaser with Hold Tight being rehearsed but I can't find it
  2. She just said "Are you ready to get things heated up MONTREAL...oops..Quebec City" hahaha
  3. All of these fan reports warm my heart so much. This tour is truly flawless and it's such an incredible experience to share with her as a fan.
  4. You can see her wiping away tears @5:40 and @6:03
  5. She said "after 30 fucking years!...that's all I have to say about marriage"
  6. OMG she talked about Sean being at her last show and writing her a letter after the show telling her that he finally appreciated her art lmao
  7. On my D.C. review I posted about having seen Heather prior to the show. She sat right in front of the heart so I'm sure that helped her stand out. I also saw Guy walking around taking pictures with fans before the show, and I was sitting on the side of the heart so he doesn't only go to the VIP section. He even walked up to the stands to take pictures with a few fans, outside of the floor. I suppose that approaching Guy before the show and making yourself known can't hurt.
  8. Diplo was actually on the Beat 1 Zane Lowe radio show yesterday and he talked about how close he has gotten with M, closer than with most people he's worked with, and that they just get along really well because they have great chemistry together. And that's the reason why he's been so involved with the entire Rebel Heart project. He said that when they first got together he thought that if anything, he would get a cool Instagram selfie with her, but it turned out to be a very fruitful collaboration. He also raved about her tour They seem to have a very genuine friendship.
  9. Thanks all! Can't wait for those of you who have yet to see the show to experience it! Agree so much with everything you said! Holiday was the perfect closer and I loved seeing people in every section of the arena up and dancing to it. It definitely brought down the house, just as a closing song should!! If there's one thing I've learned about Madonna fans is that they WILL find anything to bitch and complain about. Where are the people who were claiming that the show was not selling? The venue was packed and if there were any tickets available yesterday a few hours before the show it's b
  10. I'm finally home and have some time to write my impressions of the show. Let me just start by saying that any negative judgment any one makes based solely on pictures and low quality videos are so WRONG! The show was absolutely amazing! I honestly think that of the 3 tours I've attended (S&S, MDNA, and now RH) this has been the most fun one yet. MDNA will always be special to me because I got to see her up close in the Golden Triangle and the show itself was mind-blowing, but I think RH is slightly better (to my taste). I was in section 6, to the right of the tip of the heart, and I had
  11. Just saw this really cute video of a weather man giving the forecast for DC in Madonna song lyrics
  12. Tomorrow will be my first time in DC and for no better reason than to see the Queen! I'm so excited
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