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  1. Ugh, love it! This era is the gift that keeps giving
  2. After days without following anything Madonna-related she sucks me back in with her beauty and charm. Loved, loved how playful and witty she was throughout this. I hope she does more in the future.
  3. The haters have been very loud during this controversy. I've seen Tumblr posts with 100,000+ notes making fun of her or accusing her of kissing him against his will blah blah blah Tumblr is pretty shit anyways. Social justice warriors are constantly looking for shit to rant about so this comes as no surprise tbh. I've actually seen much better reactions on Reddit threads (not what I would've expected). For example this thread is on the front page: http://www.reddit.com/r/BlackPeopleTwitter/comments/32lzs5/its_not_about_the_destination_its_about_the/ And quite a few comments (with many upvotes) are actually mentioning how they would still fuck Madonna and how Drake was actually into the kiss at first etc. So while there's been a shit ton of hate for her, overall I would say that this stunt hasn't changed most people's mind about her. Those that hated her will continue to do so regardless of what she does. She's the most resilient pop star and I love her for that Plus the kiss was pretty damn hot
  4. I can't at some people trashing GT all of a sudden The beauty of this era is that both of Madonna's different sides can coexist and the dichotomy of the music and performances accurately represents her legacy. Both GT and BIM are amazing and she's blown my mind with the visuals for those songs
  5. The song definitely isn't for everyone but I could see it having some impact.
  6. When I saw it on Meerkat I was a bit underwhelmed. Some of the scenes seemed a bit cliche and cheesy but once I saw it on Vevo on 1080p I was blown away. The detail that went into this video is astounding. There are remnants of Bad Girl and Power of Goodbye in this video and I'm absolutely thrilled by that. I feel like ever since I've become a fan of hers (2008) I've waited for her to deliver a true Madonna ballad video and I couldn't be happier with this era. Ghosttown is such an amazing song and she's fucking delivered with this video. She's so fucking beautiful and this isn't just a vapid music video, it has layers to it! Sales shouldn't even matter at this point, she's at a creative peak and she's 30+ years into her career. It's truly unheard of and it makes me so proud to be a Madonna fan and to appreciate her.
  7. Fail!! All I got to see was some guy walking around an office calling someone else over speaker and mumbling that "it isn't working" and then the screen went blank :/
  8. Exclusive behind the scenes footage will be posted on Tidal tomorrow after the premiere No word on it being on Vevo yet though
  9. The hifi user is such a blatant shill Madonna stole the show as per usual I can't stop falling in love with her this era
  10. This was her best GT performance to date and she looked so beautiful...I can't deal with her
  11. I didn't realize that so many M fans didn't like Taylor I'm still super excited about the performance, probably because I actually like Taylor as well
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