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  1. Such a lovely thing to do, Jan. His passion carries on through you! Nice to hear Easton is a good guy as well as smokin
  2. It was a nail biter - just what you want in a grand final. Not the result I wanted obviously, but having last won it in 1954 they deserved it. Happy for you Jan and the other doggy supporters! Oh and the doggies' captain - HELLO
  3. 1 week ban. Effective immediately. I can't watch the video. The kid likely has shit parents. They all seem to let their little gifted treasure do whatever the fuck they want nowadays.
  4. Wanted the Giants to win! It really could have gone either way. But I'm happy for you and Gillard. Two Sydney teams playing at the MCG would have been amazing. Victoria would have been fuming. I share my love with both Sydney teams, although Swans is my first love.
  5. You may think people with her views are dying off, but demographic trends show that religious fundamentalists are out breeding the so-called moderate believers and of course secularists. They are still the minority but in a few generations hardline conservative beliefs will have a resurgence in the West, aided by the mass immigration programs many countries have. Big minority groups have an impact in democratic systems - they can tip marginal seats and are courted and appeased. It was interesting to see which politicians were for and against equal marriage here based on the demographics of the
  6. Republicans should feel obligated to make sure it happens. It's what Phyllis wanted.
  7. God finally relented and embraced her. And of course she of all people ended up with a gay son. Poor guy.
  8. Hillary has been in public political life for 30-40 years now - there is no way you can't have baggage and people having formed strong views on you. She will have made decisions in her long career that were wrong at the time, or looking back in hindsight were wrong. That's what happens when people put their hand up for public service. They are constrained between what's pure and what's possible, they are often required to act quickly without all information at hand, they have to check they aren't too ahead of the people, and they like us are capable of changing their position on things when ci
  9. Fabulous post. And Jan, that's a great article and I agree 100% with it. I usually don't bother with that columnist but even a broken clock gets it right twice a day.
  10. Islam, whether proselytised through violence or not, still views and treats women, gays and other minorities in discriminatory ways. But that's hardly surprising since they look to the 7th century as the ideal model for 21st century life. So-called religious fundamentalists or extremists, whether they be christian, jewish or muslim, can all point to passages in there preferred holy texts to support their views or actions. Just as much as the so-called moderates.
  11. We're talking about Islam because the thread is about a news article about Islam. Just because people express a view on this, doesn't mean they don't think women are oppressed in other religions and that they don't care.
  12. Watch 'diversity = white genocide' bumper stickers be a thing in a couple of months Conservatives and bigots are much better than the left at coining memorable phrases
  13. Many muslim women don't have your choice to dress as you please. You're hardly the norm. Women living in Aceh, Saudi Arabi and Gaza would get beat by roaming hordes of men upholding so-called morality if they didn't cover up. Hardly a choice for them. Did the women in Iran, Egypt, etc in the late 70s all decide en mass to start covering up because they preferred to be hot and bothered? No, because the Islamists either took control or won the culture wars in those countries and forced them too. I don't know how you can spin all that into a symbol of female empowerment and liberal agency.
  14. I'm just pointing out how Nigella wears it for practical reasons and the real threat of skin cancer. While muslim women wear it because of patriarchy and superstition backed up by the threat of violence. When i see someone wearing a beekeeper suit, I see oppression not a statement of individual choice.
  15. But Nigella wears them because she wants to protect her skin and beauty. Muslims wear them because that's what God wants and you're basically a slut if you don't and men will rightly punish you.
  16. I'm not too clear what his point is, but it seems that he views covering women up head to toe as 'radical'. I think it's pretty radical too, especially in a liberal democracy. But banning it ain't going to change anything.
  17. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37056742?ocid=socialflow_facebook&ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbcnews&ns_source=facebook
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