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  1. I can actually believe that. Hopefully BoJo will soon be flushed just like the orange clown.
  2. But why? is there something we aren't being told? MESS!
  3. It's one of her most poignant ballads and one of her best dance remixes (Tracy Young Dangerous Remix).
  4. It's a great review and I like the reviewer's interpretation of the album. The only bug bear for me is the description of 'I Rise' as an anthem. A powerful message and repetitive chant it may be but an anthem it is not. It's not melodically or structurally interesting enough as a song.
  5. I agree with that. I think the reason it doesn't become so preachy is because she 's being incredibly introspective and authentic while being outward looking. I mean Future for example is basically stating facts of life over a casual reggae beat, "not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone is learning from the past" indeed.
  6. See. Even you favour the blonde and that's why you want it on the front.
  7. A beautiful album that offers the listener an extraordinary discombobulated experience...definitely in her top 5 best albums...
  8. The one with the blonde hair maybe. But definitely not the dark haired pic.
  9. I really love the Madame X album but I wish she hadn't released the 2 albums covers. It didn't need the unflattering image of her looking like her mother (in her own words). And the freedom fighter image should've been less airbrushed to at least make her look human. Would love to see a 2020 re-issue version with some bonus tracks though. Will anyone else be supporting the #justiceformadamex campaign tomorrow? I've seen it all over instagram and I will be supporting tomorrow.
  10. It's a wonderfully rich and diverse album - one of her finest works. I don't know why, but in 2020 it sounds even better than it did in 2019. Perhaps because of the current global situation.
  11. It was a poor performance overcomplicated by the staging and the stairs. And the incorrect forum to use for preaching (i.e. - Future).
  12. Thank you for posting this. Such a charming and interesting interview. What I've always admired and loved about Madonna is how intelligent she is!
  13. This is absolutely lovely. Is this official but unreleased? Would love a downloadable copy in full.
  14. It's still a brilliant album including such an array of beautiful and eclectic vocals and sounds. So much variety yet cohesive. Definitely her best album since Confessions on a Dancefloor in my opinion and one that I usually listen to from beginning through to the end.
  15. Absolutely amazing speech. He makes so many logical and rational points about regulation and sanctions for the 'silicone 6'. He would definitely get my vote if he were a politician.
  16. I really like this remix. One of her best and most memorable remixes in a long time!
  17. True. Though I wish she'd be more honest with herself sometimes and fess up when she's laid a rotten egg on the rare occasion it happens
  18. 2 months after the single release and we get a mediocre MNEK remix when we know there are far better remixes of this track out there (Tracy Young). Her management are an utter joke.
  19. Yeah, it's great isn't it! I much prefer the John Christian and DJLW remix - takes the song to another place.
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