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  1. Those performances were not ”heal the world” performances. Bad examples.
  2. I hope she will not perform a too pretentious performance. Seeing her story on ig makes me a little worried with hashtag future and raging fires. Just the presence of her is so great, she doesn’t need an overtly complicated performance.
  3. After a few listens: * The bridge is great, love the airyness - although I'm not sure it works perfectly in a first single, I almost get the feeling the song would be a great outro to an album * Maluma is def having a dominant role in the song, he kind of owns the chorus (this must be something new in Madonna history, that another artist gets that space in one of her songs) * I'm sure the song will sound lovely in a good sound system, the production is low key but very on point. I can imagine it being played in bars etc these coming months * The song makes me intrigued for the rest of the album. I have a feeling there will be sonic surprises
  4. It is a grower - after the 4th listen I'm really into it
  5. Ok, can someone please recap, when and where is the song going to premiere tomorrow?
  6. Nice, everything so far. And I like that she seems to be working with some very hot and creative people at the moment like @ibkamara and @dianakunst Does anyone know if she's still with Livenation for the music release?
  7. I don't know if this was a comment on my comment, but just to clarify, if the sign of the times is that discussions in general tend to get polarized and black and white that was exactly my point.
  8. I think the israeli issue will be much more controversial. There are examples of artists pulling out of events in Israel, Lana del Rey is one example (she was booked and ready), because of the politics surrounding the country. But if she does it I'm sure the eurovision community will praise her, but unfortunately this will drown in the comments from people not engaged in the event.
  9. I can see the backlash coming - Israel hosting this is in some circuits controversial. And in Britian, for instance, a public letter was written by prominent celebrities that wanted a boycott of the event.
  10. Thank you for the info, very interesting. I'm just curious, where do some people here get this info, I mean who are these "in the know" people? I'm not judging the info, I'm just curious.
  11. Might be old, never seen it though. I find it interesting, somewhere inbetween T Richardson and Klein. I like toned-downdonna. Hopefully it’s new.
  12. This photoshoot is everything, fantastic. But I forgot, was it Terry R that shot and B Åkerlund that styled it?
  13. Ah, I have studied sociology too but never dealt with artists. But it's nice that you say that. I have just felt, and this is totally non-scientific, that many feminist women have a hard time understanding how to interpret Madonna, because she comes across as more complex with her personas over the years than say Beyonce. I like Beyonce too, as an artist, but I have never felt that she's a great feminist icon, her statements in that department are rather tedious and not so interesting.
  14. Can someone explain to me how come Beyonce is a greater icon in many feminist circles than Madonna? It's just beyond me, I can not understand it.
  15. It still feels so fresh, not dated at all. Does anyone know who designed her clothes for the video? The red and the black dress are AMAZING.
  16. Isn't her contract with Live nation over with this tour? If so, what do you think will happen next?
  17. She's amazingly strong and unafraid. That's what all of this proves and what keeps me paying attention to her as a fan year after year.
  18. The show was rated average in the swedish newspapers, but, her speech and Like a prayer has been widely praised here. It's interesting, Aftonbladets journalist Kristin Lundell gave her show in Montreal 5 stars and she's been writing articles just recently about how relevant and important Madonna still is. However, when she comes to Stockholm another reviewer, a man, who has given her lukewarm reviews in the past years reviews her show, and is quite critical. The usual, she's cold, distant, a machine etc etc. Well, it's the same everywhere, always the white, heterosexual man that get's the last word.
  19. Sexy and sophisticated and jazzy and clubby. As Madonna. Just wonderful.
  20. When your lips are burning mine And you take the time to tell me how you feel When you listen to my words And I know you've heard, I know it's real Rain is what this thunder brings For the first time I can hear my heart sing Call me a fool but I know I'm not I'm gonna stand out here on the mountain top Till I feel your...
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