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  1. Why is Michael Jackson listed with worldwide sales of 750 million?!! Wiki says 350. Even if you add Jackson 5 it wont still add up!
  2. This is Us (tv show) Vogue

    Saw the show. Bad time setup though, the kids were born in the 70s and its their 10th bday, so that bday party with Madonna theme happened in the 80s, now we know Vogue happened in 1990. The whole Madonna party theme is so 80s, the Madonna wannabe look, like a virgin look,Borderline was playing, then boom! They started voguing. Slight error but its always great to hear Madonna references in anything!
  3. I honestly thought of the same thing, she could releasr the song now and just add "Avicii mix"!
  4. I have never felt that excited since the Music demo. At first listen, it hit me right on the spot. A definite hit. Everything on the demo is fantastic! That chorus is a killer killer killer!!!
  5. Cherish "Cherish"!

    That is just your opinion. On the contrary, the song just almost made it to the top spot blocked by Janet's first single so that makes it a commercial hit and a great decision for a single. And please stop coming back here and dissing the song, if you dont like it then move on to the next topic.
  6. Madonna's greatest collaborator ever! Every work with him brought Madonna's best! Please M work with Patrick again! Thank you for posting this video, very informative. Gave me chills hearing those melodies from the piano. She made the melody all by herself on the bridge to Live to Tell? That bridge is one of my all time favorite bridge from any singer. Gorgeous melody, deep touching lyrics and perfectly sang.. in one take. Im looning.....
  7. Oops sorry for the double post now, stupid internet, now i dont know how to delete it
  8. Well i like every second of it. I wanted an emotional tribute and it was! Madonna's voice is really good. I was nervous about rumours of incoporating her own music to the tribute now she'll be bashed seriously on that one. I love the whole tone, the bestfriend backdrop was so appopriate. The song selection is perfection and so appropriate. I dont know about bad reviews either when I google mostly I see is either emotional or stunning, but then of course dont scroll to the comments section. Would I want to see a full performance of dance hits like when doves cry and raspberry beret? Yes! But now that I see this, I think I would prefer this. An emotional tribute. There!
  9. Awesome thread. I grew up in the 80s and had the privilege of witnesing all of this. Id like to mention Cyndi Lauper, she was really toe to toe with Madonna at that time, she edged her by winning the Grammy best new artist, Madonna was not even nominated right? Then True Blue vs True Colors came, both were hits and spawned a handful of singles, only Madonna did so much well. As Cyndi is dwindling down, Madonna is gearing up. Like a Prayer came along, that against A Night To Remember, only had a minor hit I Drove All Night; Madonna went blazing and left her to dust, both commercially and critically. As another post here said, LAP made her a legend, a true artist. So no, what a sad thought that LAP is a flop. Shame!!!!
  10. All Saints is so cool. Their "under the bridge" sounded so fresh when it came out. It reminded me of Dont Tell Me for its stop/go guitars. Btw that under the bridge video is also very nice.
  11. You Can Dance. Best dance album ever

    Love the album!!! Beside Spotlight, I like the B side better (oh yes I had this on casette!) the glorious 3 punch of Over and Over, Into the Grooove and Wheres the Party is mesmerizing! The party chants in WTP, love it!!! Madonna is the queen of 12"s indeed!
  12. The Things That Never Were...

    One of the best threads recently, so informative and makes me so nostalgic. Oh when we were young and Madonna too
  13. SYDNEY 20 March - Final Show!

    Omg thats hilarious
  14. she looks really good on this one, my only wish is that the picture should have taken the whole space and not boxed