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  1. I heard Medellín in a Woodys bar last week here in a Toronto. I was thrilled!!! That intro of “1 2 cha cha cha” sounds amazing on the dance floor. They added beats to it. The crowd didn’t seem to react fondly, except for those that are clearly fans and went dancing all the way, me included!
  2. That article made me cry a bit. Beautiful. Makes me so proud to be a fan, what a privilege to see her greatness. Thanks for posting!
  3. I imagine her doing an extended “one two cha cha cha” with great steps and she cheers for audience participation and cut off to audience/celebrities dancing to it, could easily go viral! “arianna, etc. doing a cha cha with madonna”
  4. LOL I did exactly like that, I woke up early and saw my headphones next to me, so thought of waking up and get ready my morning head with Medellin, it worked, I had a great morning! So much better on headphones, can hear Wirwais subtle techniques better
  5. I LOVE IT! I thought of 1,2 cha cha with the tic tac tic tac, but this is more prominent and highly integrated to the song. I thought the chorus was not very strong, its not a sing along chorus, but it grows though, and i thought it fits well. LOVE Madonna's voice, the sultry verses speaks volumes and feels like the chorus to me, melody wise. LOVE the small nuances, the slowdown papi, the ay-ya-yay little beeps and all. LOVE the extended ending that calls for some more dancing. I can't believe some of you are thinking this will not go well in non english countries. This song stands out, its breezy, light, fun. If radios embrace it, it will be huge! Indeed the best first single since Hung Up, and for the US, best one since Music!
  6. Wow are you guys on the left side? There is a guy with a cone bra that Madonna took notice. I was there at that side too!
  7. It was my first concert alone, saw her already last night, with friends, bad seat. I am shy, I don't even post here but I'm lurking since 2004 or something, but tonight I went alone and had the best time of life! She changed me!!! I feel like a new happy person! I ended up 2 rows before her, I can die now or spread the happiness
  8. I was there! It was awesome!!! I got too close to her near the heart. Btw the scream in UB, her dress was tangled at the back, a dancer helped her out of it
  9. I was there! It was awesome!!! I got too close to her near the heart. Btw the scream in UB, her dress was tangled at the back, a dancer helped her out of it
  10. I'm planning to go again tonight, what is better? Sec 102 near first ten rows or the one beside the mix? Help!
  11. Banned? That was the last thing on my mind. I actually imagined she will perform Rebel Heart song in the Grammys, show what rebel heart means then as the song starts, the instagram pics of the people/characters with the cord will be shown flashing on the big screen while rebellll he-a-a-art is on the background. Then after rebel heart song she will announce "ladies and gentlemen alicia keeeysss" now alicia comes in, plays an extended version of LFL while Madonna changes cstume for a big LFL event!
  12. Love the art cover. The only thing that would have make all of this perfect is if Rebel Heart have been the first single. The public can easily match up the song with the album cover and the single and thats the catchiest song from the leaks so far. Maybe Madonna will release it as the 2nd or 3rd single, but if history serves, the last time Madonna has a bigger 2nd single is Take a Bow in the US 20 years ago. I hope I hope LFL is only the buzz single.
  13. After listening to all the songs, I still adore Rebel Heart, should be the first single, UB is close. UB is the lead, and RH is the 2nd single, I'm fine with that too. Disappointed with LFL though, there are parts that are good but its a missing a big unforgettable chorus like RH.
  14. When I heard open your heart, I thought she is singing the song for all the bigots in there that are blind about same sex marriage, she's singing to open their hearts and understand its the same love, that is why I'm more touched by the performance, so appropriate Anyways it was amazing, she really sounds good on hi volume quality speakers
  15. Is this true? Because I remember Madonna wanting "Give it 2 Me" as the first single, but not "Candy Shop". "Give it 2 Me" would not have been a bad choice. I love that song.
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