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  1. Banned? That was the last thing on my mind. I actually imagined she will perform Rebel Heart song in the Grammys, show what rebel heart means then as the song starts, the instagram pics of the people/characters with the cord will be shown flashing on the big screen while rebellll he-a-a-art is on the background. Then after rebel heart song she will announce "ladies and gentlemen alicia keeeysss" now alicia comes in, plays an extended version of LFL while Madonna changes cstume for a big LFL event!
  2. Love the art cover. The only thing that would have make all of this perfect is if Rebel Heart have been the first single. The public can easily match up the song with the album cover and the single and thats the catchiest song from the leaks so far. Maybe Madonna will release it as the 2nd or 3rd single, but if history serves, the last time Madonna has a bigger 2nd single is Take a Bow in the US 20 years ago. I hope I hope LFL is only the buzz single.
  3. After listening to all the songs, I still adore Rebel Heart, should be the first single, UB is close. UB is the lead, and RH is the 2nd single, I'm fine with that too. Disappointed with LFL though, there are parts that are good but its a missing a big unforgettable chorus like RH.
  4. Is this true? Because I remember Madonna wanting "Give it 2 Me" as the first single, but not "Candy Shop". "Give it 2 Me" would not have been a bad choice. I love that song.
  5. I am so in love with this song. I don't remember the last time I liked a Madonna song this much and I'm listening to a LQ! True, the song is missing a bridge, or perhaps just a solo violin before the last chorus. Anyhow, the song is really gorgeous! This deserves a proper single treatment.
  6. WOW! This song has the potential to be a BIG HIT!!!!
  7. Celeberation at #22 - http://ax.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStoreServices.woa/ws/RSS/topalbums/sf=143441/limit=22/xml
  8. No. 83 on the iTunes album charts. Just like that!
  9. every home video has a rating indicated in the box, pick one and check it out for yourself.
  10. I love looking at the current global iTunes chart, Maddy is no.1 on most of the countries, if not no.2. See it while it last =) http://www.apple.com/euro/itunes/charts/top10songs.html
  11. The remixes are climbing in the dance charts in iTunes: 29 Peter saves paris edit 31 Junkie XL 35 Rebirth remix 36 Bob Sinclair space funk edit 38 Bob Sinclair space funk remix 39 Junkie XL Dub 44 Tracie Young 47 Peter saves paris remix 63 Junkie XL Dirty dub
  12. Its from American Idol, one contestant ("Jason Castro") sang a version of that singer. So no worries, it will dissappear soon.
  13. Its funny that before the 4 minutes hit the airwaves, Zezwer were creating so much negativity here, then during the first wonderful week of the song he stopped posting, now that the song is showing a little bit of slow gains, he's all back with his negativity posts. Dude, seriously?
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