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  1. The production is tweaked to perfection. It seems simple at first but it has many subtle touches that make the song more addictive with each listen. I have a feeling that all this time they took to finish the album will pay off in a big way.
  2. I think this is now a strong possibility. I expect the Mirwais tracks to also have a laid back feel. Something like Robyn's latest album.
  3. It could definitely work in Europe and worldwide. Check the top streaming tracks in Europe, there're not so much different than in the USA. With radio support it could become a big hit. It makes sense to have this as a second single and bet on it for radio play. Disco bangers and EDM are not doing well at the charts.
  4. I wish it hadn't leaked, even if it is for a few days. But I caved in and listened. At first listen her vocal delivery really surprised me. It has a great melody and it grows on you. I hope they have big plans for pushing it to radio.
  5. If they plan to push Crave in US radio it makes sense to release the video closer to the album release, perhaps even at the same week as the album.
  6. This article verifies that there will be Medellín remixes!
  7. I love it. I agree that it has elements of familiarity with songs from her back catalogue but also sounds very modern and current. Amazing lyrics, simple, powerful but not condescending. A big achievement.
  8. I thought that she could still see behind the eye patch, but looking at this close up it seems she doesn't.
  9. Great news. I expect something really good from this collaboration.
  10. Do not worry so much about the charts. It's doing fine on YouTube. Looks like it will have more views the second day than it did yesterday. Most people will refer to the YouTube views to see if a song is a hit.
  11. The more I watch the more I enjoy it. It has this epic mini-movie feel and it really sells the song. It has been so long for a video like that.
  12. Only if there is a tour bundle. Album sales have collapsed and veteran acts can no longer chart high. Madonna will also need a push from streaming and that's why they will be releasing more tracks from the album in May.
  13. Masterpiece. Stunning visuals that flow with the song. Like when it changes to a red palette for the first chorus. Even the pauses work with the song structure. The editors deserve a huge credit. From the YouTube description: Directors - Diana Kunst and Mau Morgó Choreographer - Megan Lawson Album Creative director - Imogen Snell Editors - Danny Tull & Carlos Font-Clos Madonna's styling team Stylist - Ib Kamara Make Up - Aaron Henrikson Hair - Andy LeCompte Styling Consultant - Eyob Yohannes Maluma’s Stylist - Julien Rios White
  14. So far the roll out for Medellin looks very well thought out. It would never be an instant hit, only super young acts can score first week hits.. To become a hit it would need to build momentum gradually and it looks like that's what they're trying to do.
  15. I believe him. The production of Medellin is top notch. Met all my expectations from Mirwais, and even more.
  16. I love the Ven con migo part especially. I love that she took a risk and came back with something unexpected. The Mirwais production shines. Wait for the people who don't like it to change their minds when the YouTube views start exploding.
  17. I'm listening on my PC with iTunes but I'm not sure if I have the correct station. It's playing Ed Sheeran right now.
  18. Streaming is not like sales, it takes a couple of days to build up, perhaps more. It's common for songs to be released on Thursday or Wednesday. And if the song is to be a hit in the streaming era, it cannot rely on the first week impact. This type of chart success does not exist anymore.
  19. I love the cover. The vinyl will look stunning. I agree that it has a painting/gallery quality.
  20. Leaving a comment on the youtube video may also have some impact on how often it is recommended to other users. There's a like button too.
  21. I love the cover! Have they announced the exact time on Wednesday?
  22. Precisely. It's not just Madonna who's going to Eurovision. 40 artists from all over Europe and Australia are performing and millions will be watching. If there is an issue for Madonna there is one for everybody else too.
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