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  1. I loved everything about it, the way she looked, the way she talked, her sense of humour. Yes, she is not a typical talk show guest, she is Madonna.
  2. Very happy about the slant and musicOMH reviews. It seems to me that Madame X is appealing to people who admire Madonna but where not on board for the last two albums.
  3. Warner Greece does not exist any more. They closed shop some years ago.
  4. The full video is already available in iTunes in most time zones. Soon it will be available in the western hemisphere too.
  5. Please. Establishment media such as NYT and the BBC assume a very PC stance partly to compensate for their total indifference to social issues in the past. The fact that sexual assault cases took so much time to be reported speaks volumes. It's totally ridiculous for them to want to school Madonna on feminism, which is what the writer did. I'm surprised that fans do not see it. Perhaps we are too used to negative articles that a semi-positive piece seems good.
  6. The video has left me speechless. The final part is very powerful and has really touched me.
  7. I think some fans sometimes forget that Madonna is a real person. How would that rape comment make you feel? Set aside the subject of rape, just consider the condescending tone of the "should I tell her" remark. Tell it to her face or shut up. She even offended her religious beliefs. I love what Madonna wrote about her: she is posing as an intellectual feminist. If you don't respect the religious beliefs of others you are not woke, you are a poser.
  8. I totally get why she is so upset with the article. The rape comment in particular was very offensive and also very condescending and unprofessional. The writer is a fan but she also feels the need to defend her fandom, like Madonna is not fully worth it and you need to explain and justify to others why you love her. I will never say that I am fan of Madonna but this and this and that. I am a fan full stop.
  9. I expect to be blown away tomorrow. According to the descriptions the song has all the characteristics that would make the reviewers hate it; and yet they love it. It could be a genius move to release this one week before the album.
  10. Great review from N.M.E., well written and informative. I still can't get over the RS review, totally out of tune with other respected music magazines. "The album is too weird" basically reveals that the reviewer lacks musical sophistication.
  11. Springsteen has the same problem as Madonna. His sales will be much lower than his past albums. In the US Madame X has a shot at no1 due to the tour bundle. Her competition is not Springsteen but an already released album with strong streaming. I also expect Madame X to comfortably outsell Springsteen in every market in the world, apart perhaps from the UK.
  12. I find it hard to believe that this is a professional critic. The review reads like a user review posted on metacritic from someone who just listens to Top 40 radio and has no knowledge about other music genres or world music.
  13. I think people are underestimating how much album sales have fallen since 2015. An album selling as much as RH would grab headlines. Madonna and Springsteen can no longer rely on their loyal fan base to get a no 1 album. I believe Madonna may have an advantage due to the tour bundle and the multiple editions. But don't be surprised if neither hits no 1.
  14. I can see her getting the top spot in the US and in almost every other country in the world but missing it in the UK. The UK album chart has been very adult oriented lately. The Greatest Showman is still top 5 after 1,5 year. Major pop/rock/hip-hop stars underperform and middle of the road acts linger in the top places for ages. I don't think Madame X will appeal to this audience.
  15. Perhaps it's about the message instead of the single promotion. I can see Future integrated in a statement performance, Crave not so much.
  16. In Europe yes, in the U.S. I believe they will be going with Crave.
  17. I think Future could work very well for Eurovision. I would prefer it before LAP and not after. We don't know the full story for its selection, perhaps she preferred Medellin but Maluma was not available.
  18. I would consider tracks with an official video as singles. In the streaming era the way singles are being rolled out has changed. Many artists release a song as a pre-release track and then after some time go back at it with an official video and a push as a single.
  19. It would be so easy for the media to also establish the facts, but no, they prefer to bash her. Even supposedly reputable media such as the BBC Newsnight.
  20. I believe that her singing style will make more sense in the context of the album, all of these songs played together. For me with this song it's official: she has struck gold with Madame X.
  21. Spotify counts featurings in the artist's monthly listeners and most favourite tracks. See Swae Lee's about page in Spotify, he is not the lead artist in most of his most played tracks.
  22. Madonna is not alone in this. There are other artists who refused to side with the boycott, Nick Cave & Thom York among them. I would not call them ignorant or indifferent to human rights.
  23. Eurovision is perfect for new songs. The audience does not expect to hear something familiar. Every act in the world would prefer to perform songs from their new album, rather than catalog hits. I suspect that the only reason she agreed to doing Like A Prayer is because the final takes place in Israel.
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