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  1. 1. Like a Prayer 2. Ray of Light 3. Confessions 4. Rebel Heart
  2. 1000mad

    ACROSS THE SKY just Leaked

    It reminds me A LOT to The look of love, i like it.
  3. 1000mad

    Celebration on iTunes

    Norway official singles chart: 10. (RE) 5 Madonna - Like A Virgin celebration #1 on Mexican iTunes!
  4. 1000mad


    I loooove it!!!! Madonna did it again!!
  5. 1000mad

    "Celebration"- Oakenfold 12'' DUB

    Me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Southamerica will play the hell out of this for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 1000mad

    Sticky & Sweet 2009 Itinerary

    She did it in Buenos Aires (december 5)
  7. WOW!!!! All i can say it's wowww....it was the first time ever i went to a Madonna show and it was incredible, amazing night amazing crowd and Madonna was........that woman it's out of this world, she moves and moves and sang for two straight hours!!!! she was more than happy and the crown .....my god i will never forget to see the entire stadium jumping and singing during like a prayer, ray of light and give it 2 me, it was amazing, well i will post photos maybe tomorrow now i'm partying in Bs As jejejeje.........she sang the entire don't cry for me Argentina with the hole stadium and in the screens the flag of Argentina was there, the requested song was like a virgin so we had 2 sing a long songs!!!!!!!! My %$#/%$ god wait till you see the dvd we are the best crowd ever !!!!!!lol see you guys
  8. HEY!!!!Be careful with your sarcasm..........
  9. 1000mad

    Mexico City shows! November 29th and 30th

    What about BUENOS AIRES!!!!!????????
  10. Buenos Aires!!!!!!!! I HOPE...........!!!!!!!!!!