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UPDATED: Rate the first songs released from Madame X in order

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Guest Amelia aka Neutrocks

Amending my earlier reply since more songs have been released:

5. Soltera

4. Future

3. I Rise

2. Medellin

1. Crave

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Medellin - 9.5/10 

I Rise - 3/10 (just doesn't do anything for me at all) 

Crave - 9/10

Future - 8.5/10

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The more I listen to the songs, the harder it is for me to rate them individually. Each one shines for themselves.
Even Champagne Rosé fits surprisingly good into the musical world of Madame ❌.

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Medellin  11/10 It is just that damn good.

Crave 9.5/10  Silky and indulgent.  Would get a10 if her vocals were a bit clearer in places. Swae Lee really is great on this track.

Future 9/10  Infectious and rissng for me.  

Soltera  8.75/10  The bass moves this above Rise despite the lyrics which are just ok.  I wanna dance every time that I hear this.  Maluma is great in this.  

I Rise 8.5/10 IMO... Great lyrics and message but needs to be longer to be anthemic.  It just feels short for a call to action.  I also wish that she utilized additional speeches or audio to diversify the message.  The autotune works for me and it is interesting.  It is just not as fun as the other four.  

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Just gonna rank in order from my MOST to LEAST Fav

1. Future 9/10

2. Soltera 8.5/10

3. Medellin 8/10

4. Crave 7.5/10

5. I rise 6/10



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1. Crave - Evokes a plaintive longing that is captivating, raw and honest.

2. Medellin - Transports you to an alternate world and really kicks into gear halfway through with a beautiful chorus. Nissim sphinx remix is fab.

3. I Rise - Powerful and anthemic, like the song for a phoenix emerging from the ashes.

4. Future - Catchy and surprising with a dark-edged message. Skilled production but maybe overproduced a bit on her vocal?

5. Soltera - Great beat, enjoy her lyrics but not the style of her singing, too high pitched.

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19 hours ago, UnapologeticRebel said:


I Rise



but I’m not loving all the Features and I lose interest in the tracks while listening when their vocals/leads kick in except Maluma.

I wish they were solo. songs.. 😞

The 1 issue with the madame x era is all these collabs

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