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Would you pay thousands to look like THIS...

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On 12/18/2020 at 11:55 PM, horn said:

Shopping without mask....




Touch my body, let me wrap my thighs
All around your waist, just a little taste
Touch my body, know you like my curves
C'mon and give me what I deserve 

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15 hours ago, horn said:

It's been more than 1 week since her last appearance, where is Jessica? Is she still alive? :nervous:

She was busy promoting the new Oh Santa! Remix.

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11 hours ago, horn said:

It's been a week and there's no news about Jessica! :dramatic: 

She's an elusive chanteuse.

The stems in the pic from Turkey are very distracting. Either the corset's pushing everything down (and up) or she may be ripe for another cooking oil drain.

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On 1/7/2021 at 1:01 PM, Junior said:

I really want to see her without any makeup. 👺

Wish granted.


The beauty I can't :dramatic: 

PS: Ignore the fake eyelashes, foundation, camera filter & the beige sticker underneath her chin.

JESSICA ALVES has posted a make-up free selfie and told fans she's "decided to be herself" following 75 surgeries.

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5 hours ago, Kim said:

What's the plaster on her chin hiding? :lol:


Three months ago she was in a beauty salon in Essex to have fake eyelashes fitted and saw a few girls coming in and out having had fillers into their lips and chin.

She liked the results and wanted to have fillers in her chin too to make it more pointy. 

So she allowed a lady who had only finished her training course to inject hyaluronic acid fillers into her chin.

But later she had a very bad infection; the fillers & yellow pus have been pouring out of her chin and it has been really bad.

Alves explained that while the procedure was performed at a hair salon in Essex, UK, by someone who is "nearly trained", she herself is to blame.

"I am very experienced when it comes to plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures," she said.

"I have learned my lesson throughout the years but I insisted I needed that filler and now I have a big hole on my chin," adding it is the reason she covers it with a bandaid.

Alves explained the ordeal has been very "frustrating" as she removed the bandaid to show her followers how "deep" the hole is.

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