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When Madonna comes up in conversations..


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It totally depends on who I'm talking to. I can talk about Madonna with my mom all day. She loves Madonna.

Also, my cousin and I listen to her together all the time. She also loves Madonna.

My husband, on the other hand, doesn't hate her but he makes fun of her a lot. Also, I don't like to talk about her in front of him. It's hard to explain...

It's sort of an agreement we made. He has his vices and I have mine. Some of them we do not share with each other. Madonna is one of my vices I don't want to share it with him. One of his vices is his guitar pedal boards. I could give a craps ass about them - but he has them arranged in a certain way and I'm not allowed to even touch them.

Madonna is my time away from him, so to speak.

My bothers like her and patiently listen as I talk about her, but they don't really care.

I've stopped talking about her at work. It just turns into an argument. I don't have time to waste on arguing about Madonna anymore. Not with people who don't "get" her. I will not change their minds. And I don't care what they think. They know I like her and we leave it at that.

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