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ACCLAIMED MUSIC- 2015 Site Update


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The Acclaimed Music site has had its annual update- Madonna ranks No. 27 on the artists list (down four spots from last year), but remains the highest-ranked female.

(It's fine to discuss other acts' positions- but please don't post all of an act's positions in this thread- if you'd like, do so in their respective threads)- and let's try to refrain from turning it into put-downs of other acts, please. Thanks.)

Like a Prayer had a number of list additions with the update. I don't have the previous rankings handy right now, but these are her all-time ranks (for albums, it's a top 3,0000; for songs, 6,000):

339. Like a Prayer
544. Ray of Light

774. Madonna
849. Like a Virgin
1,398. True Blue

1,750. Music
2,450. Confessions on a Dance Floor

192. Like a Prayer
223. Into the Groove
248. Like a Virgin
720. Ray of Light
722. Vogue
812. Music
896. Borderline
1,175. Hung Up
1,353. Material Girl
1,404. Holiday
1,475. Live to Tell
1,587. Papa Don't Preach
1,632. Justify My Love
1,714. Beautiful Stranger
2,200. Express Yourself
2,236. Crazy for You
2,815. Erotica
2,934. Open Your Heart
3,166. Frozen
3,235. Secret
3,245. Lucky Star
3,943. Don't Tell Me
4,322. Where's the Party
5,814. Who's That Girl
5,949. Die Another Day

Songs- Bubbling Under
Burning Up
La Isla Bonita
True Blue
Causing a Commotion
Deeper and Deeper
This Used to Be My Playground
Take a Bow

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