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  1. oh wow, I didn't catch that

    OMG just got back!!!!! It was even better than last night!!!! She was less chatty during the first half but things really kicked up during the amazing medley and she rewarded us with Ghosttown :inlove: it was with the full band, not just with Monty, and it sounded like an anthem!!!!!!! It felt like a huge hit!!!!!!! So did Rebel Heart lol. Those songs got more attention than Who's That Girl or even Burning Up which is definitely one of the highlights. She was even funnier than last night - she was asking a guy in the audience what his sign was and he just said his name....and she was like uh I don't think we're compatible. I forgot what she said but it was so funny lol. Then later on in the show she saw him on his phone and she was like wait!! You're on your phone!! You don't love me!! You're not a rebel heart, you're a shit!!! F--k you!!! :lmao: and the unapologetic bitch was someone from Venezuela and didn't answer anything properly and she was like uh do you even speak English?

    I was in the middle a few rows from the floor tonight and what a difference it made. The lighting just worked so much better and I got to see a lot of little details I missed last night in the nosebleeds. I saw maybe 3 dozen empty seats but it definitely looked full. And I thought HeartBreakCity was a little dull yesterday but loved it tonight. I think my favourite section is the third one - the run from La Isla Bonita to Lucky Star/Dress You Up is just ecstatic !!!!! I would compare it to the last section of Confessions for its sheer joy tbh. Oh and merchandise was selling out pretty quickly - they were running out of tshirt sizes before the show even started (at 9:25 - earliest start time yet?) and some of the programme stands only had a few left.

    I think what makes this tour so special is that it feels like she's FINALLY realizing why she's so special and why she's truly the best - it's not necessarily the elaborate performances or the controversy or whatever - it's the music - her back catalogue is SO special and unique as pretty much all of her classics are about having a good time, being yourself, expressing yourself etc. It gives people so much joy. It kinda feels like she finally unlocked the secret or something and now she's celebrating it. This tour is just so effortless and joyous and perfect. I really hope she looks back on it as a very special show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aya and Bambi !!!!!!!!!

    One of my absolute favorite things about this tour has been the fan reactions to "Ghosttown" (when performed) and "Love Don't Live Here Anymore." Crowds go wild for them both. You'd think they were both # 1 smash hits. I love it.

  2. everyone knew the show was playing to SMALLER VENUES and the tickets were CHEAPER. lol wtf.

    oh and all sold out right. i dont care what she makes anymore or if it all sells out - the show is just perfect!

    Wait, the tickets are cheaper? I thought they were more expensive. Am I misremembering how much MDNA cost or are you factoring in the discounts we've been seeing at some dates?

  3. Okay so I just got back from the concert.

    Fuck it was incredible. The opening... WOW!

    Deeper and Deeper was so fucking cool.

    Body Shop was one of the highlights!! :lmao:

    La Isla Bonita was gorgeous.

    NO Ghosttown or Frozen or anything. Probably because the crowd sucked balls. Honestly. What a shitty crowd. I was going nuts in the 7th row while a bunch of boring old queens stood around looking bored.

    The interludes are also AMAZING. That thing with the scarfe or whatever was amazing.


    I tried to park myself in front of the heart before the show started but security made me go to my seat. I'm pretty sure it was Nelly Furtado sitting there, I thought it was some gaysian in a leather jacket and I didn't know it was her til she came up the catwalk later on :lmao:

    Madonna interacts with the audience so much on this show, she was really funny.

    What else? Honestly. I don't even know. It was just so amazing.

    Oh and that VIP free gift... They don't have it, they'll mail it out in 2 months :rotfl:

    I do have one complaint though... Being at the front is not the best. You're looking at her back quite alot. I know this isn't news but I wanted to confirm that yes, I agree, they shouldn't have charged the most for those tickets because they're not the best. But oh well. I'm satisfied with what I got. I felt so indulgent I gave a homeless man $10 on the way out.

    What a fucking legend she is. I took videos on my iphone but honestly, videos on iphones are awful. And everytime she was looking my way or close to me I didn't want to be videoing. I wanted to enjoy the experience.

    Yay! So glad you had a good time. This was your first Madonna show, right?

  4. "Everybody" :wow::wow::wow::wow::wow:

    This song is so fantastic. It's a shame it wasn't a hit -- the general public is missing out on greatness.

    I desperately wanted the queen to re-record this song and release it as a single in the mid-00s. That Stuart Price mix for the Confessions promo tour was so fierce that I thought we might actually get it on a Confessions remix album or something. And then when Timbaland said he wanted to make an album that harkened back to the first album, I though "Everybody" might make a comeback in some way ...

  5. I'd guess Turin, but I want Mexico.

    Please don't let Akerlund edit this dvd. He is perfect for video clip, but the lives he edited are frenetic, not more of 2 sec per plan. Too fast, in that way you loose the essence of the live concert.

    Yes, this. He also has a bad habit of relying on special effects, which makes shows completely unwatchable as live events -- moves are in slow mow, or shown several times in a row from different angles, he constantly superimposes screen footage over live footage, and even makes quick cuts to straight screen footage in the middle of amazing live footage.

    If Madonna wants a live video to promote a new single or something, then Akerlund is a great choice. But for the tour DVD? Terrible choice.

    Put me in the "anyone but Akerlund" camp.

    I think Madonna is to blame here for being too self indulgent and going over board on the effects, filters and stills.

    It's my gut-feeling it was her in charge rather than Auckland in producing what we got rather than a typical live showcase.

    What makes you say that? It seems pretty clearly Akerlund considering the live videos she's released in the past decade of which he has not had a hand -- Sticky, MDNA -- have had far fewer special effects than the ones he has.

  6. News from Hong Kong reports that 4 section A $2400 (350 us ) floor tickets were sold each for 118000hk (15000us) 50 times face value. Taiwan tickets and Japan too, 10 to 20 times face value.

    Demand in Asian is real.

    They should add another month of dates in Asia :wow::wow::wow:

  7. I know she did Like a Prayer a zillion times now but I've never seen her live and it's my favorite song so I would very much love to hear Like a Prayer in Toronto. And I'm sure that will be dull crowd :lol:

    I saw Reinvention in Toronto and the crowd was crazy. I recall one of the dancers later telling a fansite like DrownedMadonna or Madonnarama that Toronto was the best stop on the tour because the crowds were so wild. (And Atlanta the worst :chuckle: )

  8. Yes please! She should change it every show :lol:

    Crazy For You



    Oh Father

    This Used To be My Playground

    Bad Girl

    I'll Remember


    Take a Bow

    You'll See

    The Power of Good-bye

    What It Feels Like for a Girl

    Nothing Fails

    Get Together (acoustic would be amazing)

    Falling Free

    Joan of Arc

    Yes! That's what I said upthread. It would be such a treat for the die hard fans to see a surprise song in every city!

    God, I'd want tickets to every show then ... (My poor bank account.)

  9. Don't even try, Jan. Don't you see he's just a fucking troll who wants to stir shit?

    What Dave needs:

    Get the fuck out and don't come back

    Get flushed

    Get banned

    Get laid

    Don't you all agree?


    dave has definitely been trolling us hardcore lately, but he's been a member since 2012 -- has he always been this way?

  10. I remember even the editor of Billboard magazine at that time or one of their writers was praising the album when it was being attacked,and he personally said he wanted Intervention released as a single.

    I could see M&F being acoustic,the RIT version was amazing,definitely made me love the song more

    "Intervention" was by far the best song on that album for single release. Maybe the whole project would have gone better if it had been the lead single. After "ROL" and "Music," she had such goodwill with the general public and radio heading into this project -- a good first single from the album would have rewritten her entire career.

    RIT "Mother and Father" is the definitive version of that song.

  11. Friends, I have a confession: I cannot stop watching / listening to the SHEER PERFECTION that is the Tokyo / Rockabilly set.

    It begins, of course, with the stylish and sexy "Body Shop." That costume. That hair. The choreography. Using the car creepers. Those dancers and their abs :drool:

    Then it delivers one the sweetest, most perfect reinventions of her career: "True Blue" :inlove:

    And before you can wipe the tears from your eyes, it slaps you in the face with the fiercest goddamn performance of "Deeper and Deeper" ever delivered :wow:

    Then grabs right you by the feels with the EPIC, incomparable "HeartBreakCity," with that CLASSIC "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" sample :dramatic:

    It climaxes with this ICONIC reinvention of "Like a Virgin," Queen Madge bouncing across the stage. It's already a fan favorite here on the Nation :bow:

    GOOD GOD, QUEEN. ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? I can't handle this much brilliance, sexiness, and PERFECTION all at the same time. :dramatic::dramatic:

  12. There were front-row seats (or second) at/near the stage when I was searching for NY- but, would never pay thousands of dollars for that- never. Plus, he pends a good amount of the show down the cross/heart, so her back's to you.

    Hope the hometown show is great. :)

    Agreed -- I had seats in front of the heart stage and they were absolutely the best in the house. The seats in front of the heart stage have a straight-ahead view of the heart stage, the runway, and the main stage -- you very clearly see all the elements of the show come together the way she imagined it.

    I feel bad for those who spent thousands on front row. She spent a good third of the show on the runway or in the heart stage, and they view from the main stage must have been terrible.

    I almost upgraded from the tickets I had in front of the heart stage to seats close to the main stage. So glad I didn't -- and the seats back near the heart stage were half the price too!

  13. Love Profusion? I think Holywood would fit the last section with a new arrangement now that i think about it!

    Take A Bow can be performed after Love Don't Leave Here Anymore.

    Ray Of Light could be performed on the 1st section.

    Like A Prayer could either be after Living For Love or before Devil Pray and after Holy Water.

    I think it would be great actually!

    Although imagine Living For Love/Like A Prayer/La Isla Bonita/The 80's medley/Who's That Girl/Ghosttown/Rebel Heart! Not sure the arena would still stand after this! LOL

    The show is perfect. No need to mess with it.

    Besides, he said they'd be done in the encore section.

  14. I love MDNA as an album. She wanted to do a dance record and she did. Even if Everybody hates SUPERSTAR which is a really cool song,

    For me, RH shines in its best tracks not as an entire album. I know it's the craziness of the Rebel and the Heart sides but I listening to the entire album sometimes tire me out. :chuckle: I guess i overplayed the 25 songs.

    But yes back to MDNA. It's a journey from start to finish. I cannot relate to the dislike of this album. If all singles were hits, people would be singing a different tune.

    This is a bullshit argument that everyone who's in love with less-successful album makes and it needs to stop. Seriously, just stop acting like people who disagree with you on the merits of one album are doing it for shallow reasons or that you are somehow more sophisticated for liking it. Just accept that some people -- maybe even large numbers of them -- don't like it.

    Look around this forum. There was a recent "rank the albums" thread where "Like a Virgin" -- one of the biggest albums of her career -- consistently ranked in the bottom third. Meanwhile, "Erotica" -- considered a flop in its time -- consistently ranked in the top half, and "Rebel Heart" -- objectively her least successful album commercially, failing to provide even one top ten hit -- consistently ranked towards the top of people's lists.

    Give other fans some credit.

  15. First things first -- If this is true, they better have a goddamn crew there to film this show for the DVD.

    Seciond, to the people arguing about how these songs don't fit in the show: He said it's a "special encore section" in the video, so they wouldn't change the regular show at all. (And that's only IF he's not drunk / joking.)

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