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  1. On 6/13/2019 at 1:44 AM, I Don’t Search I Find said:



    And yet still classier than that vile trash box, Nicki Minaj and her useless contributions. At least this is a collab I can get behind (well maybe not so much in the vicinity behind Anitta, according to the video). But this song is on fire and they surprisingly compliment each other well.

  2. For what it’s worth I recall a passage from the authorized biography that Elon Musk agreed to several years ago, “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.” The author, Ashley Vance, mentioned that he wanted to read the final manuscript before it was published. Professionally she didn’t feel right about it as it would create some ethical concerns, and that his version of the truth was not always the version of the truth the world shares. He eventually agreed to those terms. And it is a very good book, highlighting his genius while not ignoring his human flaws. He should be so lucky the book was written then, since he’s become more of a problematic figure in recent years.

    It’s ultimately Vanessa Grigoriadis’ final say as the journalist on the narrative she chose, which in her eyes is mostly celebrating Madonna’s  strength & legacy while not ignoring her flaws, which have been constantly discussed on these forums because they’re pretty hard to ignore at this point. Madonna has a right to disagree with this narrative, and somewhere the truth probably lies in the middle between both of them.  I just strongly disagree with Madonna’s overreaction, as this wasn’t a Daily Mail exposé piece.


  3. 7 minutes ago, Amelia said:

    But is that what Madonna was told when being interviewed?  I think the fact that Madonna claimed they spent a few hours together and it was reduced to a piece more about the author than the person she was interviewing and when she did speak of Madonna, it was subtle shade on her aging, and other mundane things. 

    Let's think about this, that was quite a lengthy article.  There was very little Madonna conversation/interview for such a lengthy article.  Yes, it was generally positive, but even so if the two were speaking for a few hours, certainly there had to been more interesting things to share than what was in this article.

    And to even title the article "Madonna at 60" seems a bit shady to me especially knowing how Madonna specifically scolded the interviewer somewhat for focusing on age way too much.  For someone who spent that much time with Madonna and was schooled on not focusing so much on age, went out of her way to make that article all about Madonna's age. 


    We’ll never really know what the terms were agreed upon in the article. And yes it did lack a more linear, consistent dialogue with Madonna. It’s just the social media optics never look good when she comes for the journalist with rather incendiary language, and she’s well aware of that.

    There’s a fine balance of bucking the trend while using conventional wisdom to critique others. But then Madonna was never really known for subtly I suppose (shrugs). Madonna is the new Joni Mitchell. Cantankerous and ornery as ever. 😂

  4. I honestly didn’t think the article presented her in a negative way, it was more a collection of the paradoxical nature of Madonna’s actions vs what she says and how that’s changed over time (which she even said regarding “her truth”), which made sense. But overall it was a positive article.

    Madonna being critical of it is one thing. Her overreaction to it sounds excessive and makes her come across as a bit of a lunatic, with the whole patriarchy bit in the end. It just doesn’t help her case. Disappointing all around.

  5. Just saw it and it wasn’t terrible as it sounded,  but it was very flat and uneventful considering how slick it looked. “Future” really doesn’t work on any level for me, and this performance of an album track kind of proved it. 

    I wonder if she has set these unrealistic expectations on herself over the last several years that the Average Joe demands to see a glossy high production from her on every single performance. Because that’s just saying herself up for failure. And she’s delivered killer performances before without needing the additional theatrics (Live 8 & Live Earth, Express Yourself VMAs). 

    Perhaps she would have been better off toning down the theatrics considerably, stood there and given richer, energetic vocals than the shaky ones tonight. An understatedly heartfelt, strong vocal performance (no auto tune) with the right song choices for a Eurovision audience would have won her some goodwill.

    But whatever it’s not the end of the world.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Kim said:

    Oh really? Can you imagine Martha being so BROKE that she was about to sell her jewellery for some cash till MADONNA stepped in and wrote her a cheque? Well guess what, it HAPPENED. Just because you can't imagine something in your limited mind, doesn't mean it didn't happen -

    The New York Post spoke with Martha Graham’s heir, Ron Protas, who revealed that Madonna once bailed the dance legend out from having to sell pieces of her jewelry collection to stay afloat. Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg told Protas at the time, “Give it one day.” The next morning, Madonna’s office called – and Graham soon had a check for $150,000. “It was an extraordinarily generous gesture. Martha cried when she saw the check.”


    To further back @Kim this was actually written about in a book a number of years ago:


  7. 1 hour ago, Aries said:

    the only thing that worries me is that Madonna "will" see or hear about this and take the 'fuck off' attitude about it and purposely do everyone of those things (even if she hadn't plan too) to prove she's Madonna!

    Eh, if she takes the contrarian route (because 'Bitch she's Madonna' ), then she will be her own saboteur and further cement the image that she's out of touch. And honestly, no one will pay much attention no matter how bad (or internet-breaking) the publicity will be for a limited time. I think it's unlikely she'll do that this time, but who knows.

    Anyway I think the article was mostly spot-on and it was a nice write-up of why her pop work through 2005 is untouchable, and why they want her to win. It's all up to her.

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