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  1. i'm running out of ideas, what else could go wrong now. :bruise:
  2. more tickets are released now : https://shop.ticketpro.ru/event_detail.asp?evnt=7
  3. that's why she shouldn't cancel the show she should show them who's the boss and plus i'm going there so she can't do it
  4. some scary looking people were protesting today : Orthodox union declares Holy Inquisition against Madonna Orthodox and patriotic forces are meeting in Pushkin Square in downtown Moscow in a demonstration against Madonna's forthcoming Moscow show. Some 100 people holding banners and orthodox flags with a large crucifix placed in the center are participating in the meeting. "We declare a new Holy Inquisition that will fight against the sacrilege of crosses, icons, Russian Orthodox symbols, including during Madonna's show. The singer is an advocate of Kabbalah," chairman of the Union of Orthodox flag-bearers Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich said at the meeting. The main goal of the inquisition will be "to fight against slander, rather than to kill people," he said. btw title on that photo sais "Hail christ, death to antichrist"
  5. I think there's no reason to worry anymore. September 12th at Luzhniki stadium is confirmed by TicketPro and all should be fine
  6. I had everything ready and now that they changed date I had to change airplane ticket and get another hotel reservation. Extra 200 euros for the trip thanks to their good organization
  7. Looks like concert is moved to September 12th link . All local agencies have different stories but one thing is sure Russian organisation is the worst ever. I regret not going to Dusseldorf or Prague. Moscow sucks.
  8. I think I have all the info I need now. I'll buy a set of tickets and go around by metro, seems like the fastest and cheapest transport. I know, I'm from Serbia and there still a lot of conservative nutcases here to.
  9. Thanks !!! That was great info Think I'll wait for a bus and then switch trains, wouldn't be any fun to just go by taxi
  10. I will only have one day to see the city, so just wanna see best known tourist attractions. I know it's to short for that to ... Do you know what's the fastest way to go from Sheremetyevo 2 airport to Проспект Вернадского metro station, other then taxi ? And how long can that take ? Also are there any supermarkets in that area ? At what time are stores closed there ? I know I can probably look for this info on web but I thought it's better to ask someone who's from there ...
  11. Anyone here from Moscow ? I'm desperately looking for someone who knows more about the city, where to go, what to do etc.
  12. Online sales started today and show is almost sold out I got mine front raw ticket
  13. Russian organisation is a real disaster. Tickets went on sale this monday but they offered only expensive seats online and their server was down anyway. Tickets are not sold out yet but online sales won't start before next monday or tuesday and they will probably have only those for $300 - $900 Oh, well that won't stop me, already booked an airplane ticket and found a hotel there
  14. rumours are that there will be ~ 35000 tickets on sale
  15. Tickets didn't go on sale, guess it's on 7th
  16. www.ticketpro.ru is redirecting me to www.ticketpro.biz and it worked perfectly today is that happening to everyone else ?
  17. They say sales will start tomorrow on this page : http://www.ticketpro.ru/content.php?nodeid=30 , on this one it sais on monday : http://www.ticketpro.ru/content.php?nodeid=44
  18. I think I'll go, just hope tickets will go on sale soon and that she doesn't cancel the show as Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton did
  19. ^ i actually understood all that
  20. Hey, where do you think they'll sell tickets online ?
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