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  1. What a mumbling mess and he’s fanning the flames to his many blind dumb followers. It’s scary there’s about 70 million of them!
  2. Trump’s lawyers have been filing a bunch of lawsuits and other legal motions hoping something sticks to stop the counts or invalidate the results. Give it up!
  3. The rest of the state outside of NYC is heavily Republican. Even going to Long Island nearby is like stepping into a completely different world.
  4. CNN reports that the orange baby has been angrily calling the Republicans governors in the battleground states the past day. He doesn’t like the election results and wants them to put a stop to these counts. This embarrassing insanity!
  5. These animals did this in 2000 for the Florida recount.
  6. Racism, the massively botched COVID-19 response, and many other shameful evil things from Trump are not deal breakers for 1/2 of the country!
  7. WTF at that speech! That the election is fraudulent, that the vote counting needs to stop, that he’s taking this to the Supreme Court, and declaring that he won. FUCKING IDIOT.
  8. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham re-elected. This night is going bad and going to get a lot worse.
  9. I can’t watch these endless map projections and what if scenarios tonight.
  10. Oh dear. People are panic shopping today at Whole Foods fearing the worst from the election results. They’re worried there will be a lot of rioting. The store has been very crowded today and the online orders are a lot more than usual lately. I haven’t seen it like this since the early days of COVID.
  11. At this rate one side of my face is going to end up with facial paralysis!
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