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  1. This is so idiotic even for Fox News! And that disguised voice! Reminds me of Diana from the “V” miniseries in the 1980s!
  2. Anybody who was on the fence whether to vote for him or not would not have been motivated by a vaccine announcement which he had no involvement with in anyway. And most of his brain damaged followers think COVID is either a massive hoax or nothing more serious than a case of the sniffles. Anyway I heard about this vaccine plus others that that showed promising signs reported in many places before Election Day. There have been posts in this forum about them. It’s to the point I don’t get that particularly excited with these announcements anymore since there have been so many announced yet none are available yet to use. We need vaccines rolled out MUCH sooner than #soon.
  3. They’re going to have to send in troops to drag him out of the White House kicking and screaming. They better broadcast this live!
  4. Yes I just took a look. Deranged and desperate. Even the craziest satire movies and tv shows of dictators pale in comparison to the daily diarrhea we’ve had the past four years.
  5. Wow look at these past electoral map election results! https://www.270towin.com/historical-presidential-elections/ I didn’t know the electoral vote winners were so extreme decades ago. The Reagan and Nixon years, ouch! I knew they far outvoted the Democrat opponents but not by THAT much. 1972 Nixon (520 votes) vs McGovern (17 votes) 1980 Reagan (489 votes) vs Carter (49 votes) 1984 Reagan (525 votes) vs Mondale (13 votes)
  6. Yup. By the way, in NYC today it was unusually warm and very sunny today in the mid 70s Fahrenheit when it’s normally like 50 degrees and kinda dreary. Such a beautiful day and it brought everyone out!
  7. I’m sure we’ll see him and most of Trump’s rotten kids run in upcoming years. I’ve seen bots on social media the past four years shouting “Barron 2044”!
  8. I walked into work at Whole Foods shortly before the announcement. It was calm and quiet. When the fabulous news came, all of the Amazon employees, Whole Foods employees, and customers in the store suddenly erupted with wild cheers and applause! People were hugging and dancing! Outside the store here in Lower Manhattan it’s even more festive with cars are honking their horns and people are gathered outside celebrating in a big impromptu festival! The moment Trump was declared the winner in 2016 it seriously felt like creepy dark clouds came over the country. I watched in disbelief when the election results rolled in that night, and then in horror late that night when he gave his acceptance speech. People said he won’t be that bad and to give him a chance, but he turned out to be even worse than feared. Every day he and his administration of goons behaved very recklessly and brought nothing but division and hostility between its citizens. And great shame to my country. This year was the worst I’ve witnessed in my lifetime with so many horrible things happening on a massive scale and right in front of my eyes. Finally some good news! This is so amazing. I’m almost tearing up right now. The Republican Party and the 70 million+ FUCKING TRASH IDIOTS who voted for Trump are going to give Biden and Kamala absolute hell the next four years. Likely even more than Obama got. But I truly believe Biden and Harris are going to reverse the nonstop train wreck we’ve been on the past four years and accomplish a lot of great things for the country and world!
  9. And I thought Melania was the worst teleprompter reader of all time!
  10. https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/trump-biden-election-results-11-07-20/h_8b217ed2de18fdd2191fed7ae8ab29ff Vote-counting continues today. Here's a glossary of terms you might hear throughout the day. As the count continues – and narrows in key states – election officials are starting to throw around technical terms most voters don’t usually hear. Here’s a quick glossary: Absentee ballots: Traditionally, voters who could not get to a polling place for Election Day have been allowed to request early ballots, which were usually returned by mail. Today, the term can effectively be used interchangeably with mail-in ballots. Read CNN’s fact check here. Adjudication: Some ballots receive extra scrutiny in a process known as ballot adjudication. Though the intricacies of the process vary state by state, it typically involves a small panel of people reviewing a ballot to determine either the voter's intent or whether the ballot can be counted at all based on whether the voter was eligible to cast it. Read more here. Curing: When a signature is missing or doesn't match the one on file, or there is another issue with how the voter completed the ballot, some states require officials to contact the voter so they can correct the mistake, a process known as "curing." Read more here. Late-arriving ballots: Some states accept mail-in ballots that are delivered back to officials within a set window after Election Day, as long as they were postmarked by the election. Those ballots are legal to count as long as they arrive by each state’s deadline. See which states count postmarked ballots here. Mail-in ballots. This is a blanket term for any ballot mailed to voters, though the completed forms can be returned by mail, to a dropbox or in person to officials or polling places. In three critical states – Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin – officials weren’t able to start processing any of these ballots until Election Day, which led to huge backlogs and slowed down the count. See when states started counting here. Military ballots: In every election, a lot of votes come in late -- legally -- from Americans who are overseas or located outside their states of residence, including significant numbers of military service members and their families. Read more here. Provisional ballots: Provisional ballots are cast when there's a question about a voter's eligibility, and are specially held for counting until officials are certain the vote should be accepted. Officials are required to allow anyone to cast a provisional ballot under the The Help America Vote Act of 2002, and generally these ballots are kept separate from all other ballots while they are investigated by election officials and so are counted last. Read more here.
  11. With COVID-19 this year there was a much, much higher volume of mail in votes. For months Democrats encouraged voters to vote by mail. Trump whined about voter mail fraud and encouraged his followers to vote in person instead.
  12. These people are so fucking dumb and deranged. I hope security is very present at all these facilities counting votes.
  13. Exactly. They won’t announce Biden as the winner till he officially has the 270 electoral votes. He super duper most likely will, but votes are still being counted in those last few states and the margins in those last few states are still close-ish. After what happened in 2000 and 2016, they’re going to be cautious and as precise and detailed as possible with all this data so there’s less doubt. I’d much prefer it this way. The dumb Trumper conspiracy nut jobs won’t believe anything anyway but who cares they can’t save his ass now.
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