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  1. Was this clown involved in this mess?
  2. This 28 part Twitter thread (click in the tweet to read the other parts) breaks down a lot what’s been going on. It’s one of the most insane things ever!
  3. It’s bad for Trump when even this senile religious loonbag abandons him.
  4. NY Daily News Woman with 26 cats, a blind owl, six dogs and two squirrels in her home arrested in Connecticut By BRIAN NIEMIETZ NEW YORK DAILY NEWS DEC 17, 2020 AT 2:12 PM This photo provided by the Hamden, Conn., Police Department, shows Donna Scirocco. (Hamden Police Department) A Connecticut woman was arrested after authorities found 26 cats, six dogs, two caged squirrels and a blind owl in her Hamden home. Donna Scirocco was also sharing her residence with the corpses of two cats and a woodchuck in her home, in the town north of New Haven. She turne
  5. She also gets money from The Daily Mail. They are constantly running articles with her posing in a bunch of very staged “candid” photos out in public. Most of the photos in this thread are from the Daily Mail. They must have some kind of deal going on.
  6. @Jazzy Jan Biden was declared the winner ONE MONTH ago and Republican leadership still won’t acknowledge that Biden won.
  7. All of these stupid lawsuits!Even his stacked Supreme Court won’t indulge him. None of the judges dissented in this case.
  8. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/23/2020-election-results-almost-no-trump-voters-consider-biden-the-winner.html Almost no Trump voters consider Biden the legitimate 2020 election winner PUBLISHED MON, NOV 23 2020 7:15 PM ESTUPDATED FRI, NOV 27 2020 2:43 PM EST Jacob Pramuk @JACOBPRAMUK KEY POINTS *A mere 3% of voters for President Donald Trump think President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 election, while 73% think the incumbent was the victor, according to a CNBC/Change Research poll. *As Trump repeatedly loses vote challenges in court as his lawyers fail to prove wro
  9. Lol Twitter attaches false info disclaimers on nearly all of his tweets.
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