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  1. He was like 4 or 5 rows behind me I think. He had a stoic expression most of the time. He wasn't jumping and waving his arms in the air, and he would sit during the slower parts of the show, but he would stand up often to get a closer look and looked at her with some fascination. Here's a pic of them (somebody else took this pic):
  2. Thanks. It's a Panasonic TZ1. The camera came out only a few months ago and people were raving about it online. Seemed like a camera I'd like. It's strong for a camera that size and not heavy to carry around. You can read about it here: http://www.megapixel.net/reviews/panasonic-tz1/tz1-gen.php
  3. Come on Manhattan, show me what you got! Posted: 29 June 2006 Madonna played her first night at Madison Square Garden yesterday. The show was late starting due to technical problems with the screens and Madonna had an announcer apologise on her behalf before the show began. Below are highlights from the fan reports from the show - to read the full length versions visit the New York City - Fan Reviews section. From albee: Wow - what a big difference frome seeing her at Staples Center on 6/3. She was incredible. She did one helluva job with I Love New York. The difference was she e
  4. madonnalicious You're energy and enthusiasm is contagious! Posted: 30 June 2006 The second show at Madison Square Garden took place last night - here are some fan reports from the show: From Colin: Tonight's show was great. She did the Like A Virgin horse ride a bit longer and the band played more music as she rode around. She also said she had 'three hours of sleep this morning' but, the energy of the crowd was keeping her going. From Michael: The show was amazing! She had great energy. She said in one of her speeches that she only had 3 hours of sleep the night before and
  5. He's just a "LOCAL STAR" :theboobie:
  6. Oh and here's Alex Rodriguez ... tall guy to the right in a black t-shirt that says "LORDS"
  7. Thanks guys! Yeah it's pretty good for a pocket size camera. It's a Panasonic TZ-1. Strong zoom (10x optical zoom), the settings aren't super difficult to play around with, and it takes very large images in very good to excellent quality most of the time. It also has image stabiliztion -- blurry pictures happen less often because it prevents camera shake. I was reading camera reviews online, and this one seemed ideal for me and I liked the pics owners were getting with it. Not as strong as a professional camera (which I can use if I wanted to), but those are too damn huge & cumberso
  8. Yeah at 1st I was wondering there why he had a P.R. flag but it was the lady next to him holding it. 4 more shows to go for me! :rockon: I love Esther so much Here's another 2 pics from the show (I have many more but I'm only have time to be online for a short bit today )
  9. I didn't see them, but Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts and 50cent were at the show too!
  10. Oh, and Carta from here was seated right next to me! I hope you didn't get freaked out how we were ridiculously carrying on during the show! Me and the other guy next to me were so loud and crazy! I wish I got his name down, he was so funny. But you were certainly having a good time there too! That's so fucking cool you made the long journey from Australia to NYC to see the show twice!!! Sooo worth it!
  11. fuck fuck fuck, my post was lost!!! Anyway, I have no time and lucidity (I'm a bit ) to retype all that now, but the show was great again! Ugh, I still haven't reviewed the June 28th show! Anyway, I liked the show even more now! She still didn't get a mega-reaction for I LOVE NEW YORK, but the crowd was definitely an improvement where it was dead last night (towards the front of the floors) and Madonna was in a better mood despite only having 3 hours sleep this morning, according to her. In I LOVE NEW YORK she was really rocking out hard (hey simply strumming a guitar can be exhausting when l
  12. God I loved this show so much! When I was trying to go to sleep I was having so many flashbacks from the show. And I woke up singing a lot of the songs from the show. Even during the slow acoustic parts of the show I stood there marvelling at her. Still no time to write anything indepth now, I have a million things to do today! Will write about the shows this weekend! Yes Holidaguy your seat should be fine. When the show starts try to move closer to the catwalk. People I'm meeting tonight, you have my number!
  13. New York Times Arts Extra | Madonna Madonna Returns to the Dance Floor Madonna on her "Confessions Tour" at Madison Square Garden. Madonna begins her show by climbing out of a disco ball. It splits apart, like one of those chocolate oranges, and out she climbs: a star is hatched. Wednesday night was the first time she did this at Madison Square Garden, although it's not scheduled to be the last: the concert marked the beginning of a four-night engagement (not counting two nights later in July). And for the next two hours, she put on a spectacular and mainly successful show, retur
  14. continued from here at the old forum (-link-) New York Post MADONNA & MILD AT MSG June 29, 2006 -- BRACE yourself. In between the sexual writhing onstage with buff dancers, a few half- boiled political statements projected on the video screens, and her constant attempt to prove she's still a babe at 47, Madonna actually sang last night at the opener of her five-night Madison Square Garden series. And she sang pretty well. Sure, there were half a dozen costume changes and a razzle-dazzle, three-ring stage show that was designed to distract anyone from noticing if she did miss
  15. I didn't go crazy trying to take pics because I didn't want my memory of the 1st time seeing the show to be mostly from my camera's LCD, but here are some shots I got. I reduced the size because the originals are so HUGE in size. I have more pics but I don't have the time to resize and crop bald people's scary heads out of them now! Stay tuned for more pics from other NY shows!
  16. The people around me and in back of me were definitely more into it. When she'd go to the ministage the back 1/2 of the floor was going apeshit. All those people much further up front probably were mostly industry people with their VIP seats. Hahaha we got a better view of the "show" back there then the people in first few rows!
  17. By the way, the further back you are on the floor, the better! She's on the catwalk/ministage for like 1/3 of the show, but she works it to great effect! And the opening takes places there. It's so exciting to see her march down that catwalk with immeasurable attitude and come by so close to you!
  18. I don't think they did too many shows this year and they had to put the tour on a big hiatus so Keith could recover from brain surgery or something.
  19. Oh they better. I swear tomorrow night I'm going to try to psych everybody up around me before the show and tell them to make her proud and go crazzzzy at the show, and put the previous night's crowd to shame! And to spread the word around there. Doubt it will do anything, but it's worth a shot! Everybody in my row are Iconers, so we will be acting like lunatics from beginning to end! I can't wait!
  20. I'm too exhausted to write but it was not a superlame crowd OVERALL. Most people remained standing through the whole show, and 1/2 the people were flailing their arms a lot in the air. The crowd was more alive than the NY DWT shows and every NJ Madonna I've ever seen, that's for sure. But the crowd could've been better. You could tell a lot of those people there weren't fans or even casual fans, and were just there to be "seen". 1/2 of the crowd on the floor wasn't jumping crazy during I LOVE NEW YORK as I expected and she was certainly annoyed. I thought they'd go ballistic for it! Ugh, ther
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