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  1. Just a few minutes! She's coming! She's here!
  2. Tonight's FULL MOON! No need to worry about M! She will set Eurovision on fire!
  3. True! .....also the Illuminati Rebel heart Tour sticks!
  4. He must be better than Kevin ‘Autotunes’. She must have fired him after the BBMA’s.
  5. Nobody here dislikes the song! On the contrary, it is a nice bop and a fun song. The only thing that’s quite silly is wanting to turn it into a masterpiece, which Soltera is obviously not. The reason why Maluma fans love Soltera more than Medellin is because they are mostly basic, as basic as the Instagram filters that they use.
  6. It was not Esther the one with the henna tattoos. That was Veronica Electronica. Esther was the Kabbalist. She had the red string.
  7. It comes from MadameX ‘s past. She lost her 👁 because of her dangerous cravings. She trusted a man she shouldn’t have.
  8. THIS! ...of course they know better! They are so smart! Poor Madonna who doesn't have them with her, close to her, advising her!
  9. Was she interviewed? What did she say?
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