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  1. Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica.
  2. http://video.repubblica.it/edizione/roma/madonna-tour-by-night-in-casa-di-amici-all-ostiense/137901/136447 This was shot very late last night.
  3. Two of the biggest Italian newspapers are reporting that she's premiering #secretproject tonight in Rome at the HC Fitness. Is this really going to happen? We'll soon find out.
  4. They probably want to add 1 or 2 extra dates between December 5 and December 13. During those 9 days she only has three shows scheduled. The ShowMatch performance could be aimed at that.
  5. Where is the Manifesto the reviewer is referring to? I would be very interested in reading it.
  6. 54.070 people and only $ 4,200,112? Sounds fishy! Let's wait for the official boxscore report when it's published on Billboard.
  7. I suppose it's all based on the money factor. With the seating ststem they can sell floor tickets for the highest prices due to the fact that they guarantee that you will be close to the stage whereas general admission tickets all have the same, yet much lower, price (around 90-100 EUR) and do not guarantee that you will end up being close to the stage. In Europe with the Golden Circle they at least guarantee that you will end up in an area that is much closer to the stage but the difference in price between the Golden Circle and the other half of the floor is only about 15 EUR, at least in most European markets.
  8. Happy Birthday moment with Sean? Sean who? :-)
  9. 2 Yankee Stadium shows equal 4 MSG shows? Maybe you mean 6. After all is said and done she will have performed in front of at least 90,000 people during those two YS shows.
  10. Here we go with the last show of the European Tour. It was such a great ride. All tickets appear to have been sold. Have a great show!
  11. Actually many of them started leaving as soon as the turible began to fly over their heads.
  12. It all seemed quite bogus to me as well. I tend to believe more the other rumoured itinerary, that is European cities that are different from the ones she did this year.
  13. I have been sent this screen shot by a so-called insider. I honestly don't know what to think of it.
  14. They will most likely submit all the remaining dates at once as soon as the European Tour is over so they can come up with a big headline such as "Madonna's European leg grosses more than 120 million dollars".
  15. The guy holding the letters FU is one of my best friends. He has been to more than 15 shows so far and all of them in the golden triangle.
  16. or there could be more than that. In any case it was never officially stated that Australia would happen in January. It was only stated - on some press release - that she would go to Australia without any mention of when exactly. Money-wise it would definitely make sense that she takes a few months off - to start writing her new project...be it a movie or a new album or whatever - and then go back on tour for another couple months thus further cashing on this year's efforts. Knowing how Live Nation and Guy Oseary operate, this will most likely be how things end up going. We'll see.
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